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15 Things People Who Can't Deal With Mornings Understand

What do you mean we have a breakfast meeting?

1. You don’t understand how people have the strength to wake up early to work out.

Getting out of bed before 9 a.m. is already a workout in itself. How do people do that?

2. You’re afraid of hearing the words “breakfast” and “meeting” together.

So your boss excitedly announces that you have an important meeting at this fancy breakfast place tomorrow and that her assistant has already made a reservation for 7:30 in the morning. HOW IN THE WORLD.

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3. People hate going on vacations with you because you never want to wake up early to “explore and stuff.”

Also, your mom thinks you’re such a hassle to travel with because a) you don’t ever avail of your free breakfast buffet and b) you’ve had too many episodes of almost missing early morning flights because you couldn’t be pushed out of bed.

4. Getting ready in your car or during your commute is part of your expertise.

Applying kilay makeup in a crowded MRT or in a cab? Kayang-kaya!

5. In the rare occasion that you haul your ass out of bed before 9 in the morning, you always end up feeling dead inside.

And then you meet cheerful morning people who laugh and smile and make chismis over coffee and pandesal while you sit there trying not to have a breakdown.

6. When your friends started planning brunches instead of the usual GNO, you started to panic.

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Can brunch be at 11:30? Is that still counted as brunch?

7. Coffee is literally your fuel.

Can’t function without it, obvs. Aside from your daily coffee run at the nearby shop, you have packs and packs of instant coffee in your office drawer in case of emergencies.

8. Your night routine is composed of planning out your outfit, taking a full bath, blow drying your hair, and whatever else it takes to make the next day easier.

You never have time to really get ready, so by doing everything in advance the night before, you give yourself license to doze off an extra 15 minutes before you have to worry about being late.

9. Whenever your alarm goes off in the morning, bad mood ka na.

Monday na naman?!

10. Sunsets > sunrises.

But only because you’d rather be sleeping when the sun rises.

11. You get the best ideas at night.

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And you’re just so freaking productive, too! Where was this ~*burst of energy*~ when you were brainstorming for your new project earlier?

12. People actually send you articles on how to “become” a morning person.

And while you commend them for their valiant efforts to TRY to change you, it’s just NOT going to happen.

13. You literally can’t talk if it’s too early.

You've never had a decent conversation with anyone before your usual wake up time. It’s probably because it’s just WAY too bright and sunny for your liking. Kaya ‘wag ka na magulo, please.

14. Every year, you make “become a morning person” part of your New Year’s Resolutions.

And we see how well that’s progressed.

15. Weekends are glorious.

No alarm, no problem! Text me when it’s time to get ready for merienda.

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