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15 Things That Get TOO REAL In Your Late 20s

Taxes. Hangovers. Table cloths. How do you adult again?

1. Taxes. Pretty sure Avril Lavigne wrote "Complicated" about doing her taxes in her late 20s. 

2. Your complete inability to party. Remember when you started pregaming at 10 p.m. and went out at midnight? Now the pregame is finishing your work so you can leave the office on time.

3. Hangovers. What curse is this?!?!?!?!?!

4. Day Makeup vs. Night Makeup. Alternate title: There's No Way in Hell I'm Spending 20 Minutes on Liquid Liner Unless There's a Chance I'm Getting Laid.

5. The desire to live in a quiet neighborhood and buy Pottery Barn shit. I just got a bed skirt!

6. Your need for that super cute table cloth and curtain from H&M home. For some reason, on your 26th birthday, a deep-seated yearning for cutesy domestic goods began to grow in your soul.

7. Not a weekend shall pass without a wedding to be in or go to. You had to rock-paper-scissors for which friend's wedding you'd go to that one weekend.

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8. The amount of work it now takes to just keep your life running. "Free weekend"? More like "cleaning-grocery-shopping-finally-doing-laundry-emailing-sorting-your-receipts weekend."

9. Deciphering your income tax return. How do I adult again?

​10. Being terrified by the news. Those surveys about how much it costs to raise a kid suddenly feel a lot more real (even if you're not ready to have a kid quite yet).

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11. Having to actively ​try to stay the same weight. Gone are the days of midnight breadsticks dipped in liquid butter.

12. ​Worrying about your future neck. Who knew there were so many retinol products for necks? You never even thought about your neck, but now you're pretty sure you're going to end up wrinkly and weird.

13. ​Living in an apartment so long you begin to fear you'll never have a real house with more than one closing door. Cherish your single door, for it will be your last.

14. The intense aggression of the late-twentysomething dating market. It just turned from fun and casual to OUT FOR BLOOD.

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15. Realizing that all the other adults you thought had their shit together are dealing with all the exact same stuff you are. *Sings "Hawak Kamay"*

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