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17 Things Only The Bunso Will Understand

You are the favorite, AMIRIGHT?!
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1. You never have new clothes.

Okay, mom, I get that floral jumpers were so cool in the '90s, but if I have to put on one of ate's floral jumpers for Sunday lunch, I am going to lose it. LOSE IT!

2. You never get the window seat in the car.

If you have two older siblings, they automatically get the two window seats. Even if you guys are 60 years old, you will always be the kid in the middle of the car. That ONE time you were able to sit by the window was when kuya had the flu and he couldn't come to Sunday lunch at Mary Grace.

3. You are never old enough to hang out with your older, cooler siblings.

In their eyes, you will always be their three-year-old sister in pigtails, with a Barbie doll. So on the day that you turned 18 and you said, "I can drink now! Let's party!" they just looked at you with sad expressions on their faces. You will never be invited to Cool, Adult Engagements!

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4. You are everyone's little sister.

Your ate's friends haven't seen you since you were four years old. And when you turned 18 and bumped into them at the mall, they were all like, "The last time I saw you, you couldn't even pee on your own! Now you're all grown up." Uh, duh, like, life happened? Where were you?

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5. You give the best hugs.

Seriously, the youngest kids were brought to life to give the warmest, kindest, best hugs on the planet. When they give hugs, there is world peace and everything is right and just again.

6. You are very affectionate.

Your best quality is that you see the good in everyone.

7. You are wise beyond your years.

You saw your ate go through the shittiest breakups. You saw your kuya break down that one night he was fighting with his girlfriend on the phone. You know a lot about love, even if it is something you've never experienced before, because you watched your siblings go through it first.

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8. Hence, people generally run to you for love advice.

Because you've seen your siblings fight with their significant others, you know what works and what doesn't in a relationship.

9. You hate your ate's boyfriends or your kuya's girlfriends.

You used to be the special one. The apple of everyone's eye. Until Ate Camille started dating Mike From Work, and now she never has time to take you to the movies kasi iba na movie date niya. :(

10. You get a lot of free shit.

Your ate's suitors know that the best way to win your sister's heart is through YOU. So every time Mike From Work comes over, he always has something for you. Like fries from McDonald's, or palabok from Red Ribbon, or a bag of Flat Tops. Si ate yung nililigawan, pero ikaw lang 'yung may gift. <3

11. You know your siblings' passwords and key code locks on their phone.

So you may have "accidentally" read your kuya's messages to his girlfriend and saw that he calls Mandy "babe." LOL!

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12. You are the funniest.

Your older siblings are so entertained by you that every thing you say is hilarious. You are The Funny One. It is a bunso thing. Older siblings are never funny because they are old and lack a solid sense of humor.

13. Kuya will always be protective of you.

The first time your heart got broken because you found out your boyfriend was cheating on you, Kuya Carlos was there with a bag of chips and your favorite Disney DVD (it's Mulan). He didn't hug you because he never does that. But you've never seen him that mad at anyone. If your ex-boyfriend showed up on your doorstep at that particular moment, you know that Kuya Carlos would punch him for you (even if he's never killed a cockroach for anyone).

14. You can't screw up.

There is extra pressure to be really smart, funny, and amazing, because your ate and your kuya were smart, funny, and amazing. And if they were smart, funny, and amazing before you, it's hard to be smart, funny, and amazing after that.

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15. So your accomplishments have to be stellar.

Ate graduated college with honors, kuya went to law school. It's hard to compete when your siblings have done SO MUCH with their lives.

16. You are the favorite.

It doesn't matter if you color your hair purple, or get three piercings on each earlobe, or become the rebel child—you are your parents' golden girl. It is never your fault (it is always kuya's fault).

17. You're the good looking one.

LOLJK! Hi, ate and kuya!

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