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18 Signs You're A Ridiculously Punctual Person

You have never understood the concept of "fashionably late."

1. You've learned not to buy your friend's movie ticket in advance. 

She'll be late and then you won't be able to go inside to get seats that aren't in the front row.

2. You leave yourself 30 minutes to walk to someplace 10 minutes away.

 You use those extra 20 minutes to call your mom.

3. Traffic makes you crazy. 

You glance at the clock constantly, feeling increasingly anxious that you won't make it on time. (You will.)

4. You never go anywhere without reading material, whether it's a book, a magazine, or a fully charged iPhone. 

You occasionally carry a charger with you too.

5. You are familiar with all dining options at the airport. 

You'd rather be through security three hours early than stress about being late, so you end up getting dinner there rather than going straight to the gate.

6. You often experience that awkward feeling of lingering in the front part of a restaurant until your dining companion arrives. 


Every bar stool is taken, and the host won't give you a table until the whole party is there.

7. You set your alarm for 6:55 instead of 7. 

You don't want to feel too rushed without those extra five minutes.

8. You text ahead to say you may be a few minutes late to brunch but still show up 10 minutes early. 

You realize the heads-up was especially silly when you're the first to get there.

9. You do laps around the block—by foot or by car—when it would be inappropriate to go in somewhere too early. 

"I know my interview is scheduled for 45 minutes from now, but hi!"

10. You spend a lot of time sitting around in your going-out outfit with your hair and makeup done. 

You started getting ready way in advance so you wouldn't have to scramble, but if you go pick up your friend now, she won't be ready.

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11. You apologize profusely if you get somewhere two minutes after the appointed time.

Even though no one else seemed to notice.

12. Your friends are outwardly gleeful when they beat you somewhere. 

"Well, well, well, look who decided to show up."

13. You get to a movie while the previous movie is still playing. 

Then you have to wait outside while they clean the theater between showings.

14. You end up seeing opening acts you've never heard of at concerts. 

You go with the "doors open" time to be safe rather than acknowledging that the main event won't start until more than an hour after that.

15. You feel completely lost without a watch. 

Or at least an iPhone.

16. You have considered telling your perpetually late friend that a reservation is for 15 minutes earlier than it actually is. 

That way you might actually get there at the same time.


17. You would be insulted if anyone ever did No. 16 to you. 

Don't they know you at all?

18. You skip a workout because you're too worried you won't have enough time to shower and get to wherever you're supposed be next. 

What's the point of going to yoga if you're just going to be stressed about the time the entire class?

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