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19 Signs You’re Over Your Party Girl Phase


1. You suddenly have a lot of extra money—even if you haven’t gotten a raise. 

You're no longer paying for spontaneous dinners out, weekday drinks, pre-game drinks, bar shots, and post-inuman fast food runs.

2. You're no longer worried about your liver.

No more Thirsty Tuesdays, W(h)ine Wednesdays, Fuck It Fridays, and Sabog Saturdays. Who doesn't need Detox Sundays? You, that's who.

3. People start asking you if you’ve lost weight, even if you haven’t been dieting.

Your stomach is suddenly much flatter, because alcohol belly and fast food bloat is real AF.

4. You know exactly where you’ll be this Friday night. 

Texts that go, "Plano mo later? Let’s meet at Draft with the girls. Then Tipple or Pablo's after with sina Frank. Bri's also making yaya to Valk," are a thing of the past.

5. You have to take the balikbayan cousin out and call the gang to Prive—but they're like, "Nobody goes there anymore."


JSYK, Revel is the place to be now.

6. Just hearing the name of certain shooters makes you shudder. 

You have at least five different embarrassing stories each to blame on Cuervo, Bacardi 151, Jager, and Patron. They helped you get through some tough times, but they’ve gotten you drunk waaaaay too many times.

7. You realize that you can do so much during weekends!

Wow, I can run errands on a Saturday because I am not nursing a hangover.

8. Payday Friday doesn’t mean “Woohoo! See you at the usual table! Under my name ha?" anymore.

It means sneaking away from the office at 5 p.m. to beat the traffic home.

9. You stare at your closet and wonder why you have 50 different LBDs.

You give them away to your younger cousins, who will appreciate them more.

10. You suddenly have an unlimited supply of nice shampoo. 

Or, at least it seems like you do. Your special shampoo lasts so much longer now that you’re not trying to get rid of the stench of cigarette smoke and booze. You used to shower thrice! Yep, magastos.

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11. And your skin is suddenly so flawless. 

No, you didn’t discover an awesome new derma. No more dark circles from being puyat all the time and acne from the constant alcohol and smoke exposure. 

12. Nights out end before 12 midnight.

“See you mga 1 at Valk? G?” Lol, NO.

13. "Dinner" with your girlfriends means you really JUST have dinner.

And maybe some coffee, just so you don’t go home too early. “Guys, I’m so sleepy na. Late na ba?” No, it’s only 9 p.m.

14. At least three of your WhatsApp or Viber groups are now inactive. 

No more "GNO" group lighting up every Friday.

15. Your IG profile suddenly looks so #fresh. 

Brunch dates, merienda, morning yoga with the gals…no more blackmail-worthy photos of you and your smudged liner beside some guy you don’t even recognize.

16. You have no exciting stories from your weekend, and don't suffer from #FOMO because you did nothing exciting.


17. NYE, Valentine's Day, and Halloween are just regular nights at home. 

You used to book a table at Whatever Cool Place, but those days are gone.

18. Unlimited drinks promos make you cringe.

You’ve experienced enough of those free-flowing Scotch, beer, and cocktails offers to know that they never end well.

19. You're not the go-to party gal anymore. 

When your newly single or #maypinagdadaanan friends message you, "OMG, Trisha we broke up, let's go out!!!!" you suggest wine at your place. Not exactly what they were looking for... 

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