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20 Signs You And Your Best Friend Are For Life

Yung friendship niyo, #MayForever talaga.

1. You’ve seen each other naked so many times. You dress up together and you dress each other up when one of you gets too drunk. That’s true friendship right there. Oh and you never have to wear bras around each other. Which is the best part. 

2. You buy unnecessary things for each other all the time. Whenever you spot anything pink and sparkly, you just HAVE to get it for her. Bonus: When her mom sees something pink and sparkly, she buys it for you, too!

3. You give her family presents. And they give you, too! For Christmas, for their birthdays—because of course you know each other's birthdays!!!!—graduations, and all important occasions.

4. You’re textmates with her parents. Sometimes, you're more updated with her parents' lives. “You mom is inviting me to go to have dinner with her on Thursday, are you aware of this??” is a real text you’ve sent to your best friend. 

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5. You’ve seen each other in literally all phases of your life. From your awkward teenage years to the beautiful swans that you have both become today, you’ve seen each other go through everything. You celebrated your finest moments together and remained strong at your lowest points.

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6. You seem to ALWAYS show up in the same outfits. And you NEVER plan them! Great minds think alike. (Also, because you shop at the same places and steal each other’s clothes.)  

7. You show up in their house unannounced and it’s NBD. You’re basically her parents' adopted daughter. You even have clothes, underwear, and a toothbrush stocked at each other’s home.  

8. Her yaya or mom knows your favorite food and prepares it for you. No one can ever rival your BFF’s mom’s tuna pasta. NO ONE. She knows you love it so much that she always sets aside a portion for you. 

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9. You can talk about sex. You compare penis sizes, rate guys’ performances, and share ~*tricks*~. #NoShame  

10. You put up with each other’s shit but are never afraid to tell the other if she’s being too much. Like that time she was putting up with her boyfriend’s cheating. It was your duty to tell her that she wasn’t being brave—she was being dumb. 

11. There’s never a dull moment when you’re with each other. But more importantly, you can always sit together in comfortable silence. 

12. If you think about all your favorite moments in life, you realize that she’s always there. She was there when you got accepted to your dream school, aced your first live performance on stage, and got promoted to your dream position at work. She never fails to remind you how proud she is of you and vice versa. 

13. Your friendship is low-maintenance. You don’t see each other as often as you would like now, but that’s okay. There are instances when you don’t get to talk for long periods of time, but whenever you do get the chance to meet up, it feels like nothing has changed. 

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14. You fight but cannot stay mad at each other for long. Sometimes it feels like you guys are an old married couple. You fight about the stupidest things (remember that time she got mad at you for not picking up your phone when she needed you to bring her a napkin at the club) and get mad at each other, but because you can’t stand having a tampuhan, you always kiss and make up. 

15. You have so many inside jokes, you can write a book. Like, really.  

16. You share the same interests and love it. Whether it’s because you both love One Direction or have a secret obsession for John Lloyd films, you can fangirl together for HOURS.  

17. Or you’re totally different people but somehow, you just click. You balance each other out—something other people only dream of.  

18. You always text each other first for everything.  Your boyfriend surprised you? She’s the first to know. Your boss was a bitch today? Whatsapp-ing her right now. You’re stuck at an important meeting and you REALLY need to poop? Yeah, texting her just because.  

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19. When you make important decisions, you consult each other. You value each other’s opinions, and you actually enjoy hearing what the other one has to say about issues. You are each other's voice of reason.  

20. You’ve basically planned your whole lives together because you KNOW you’ll be together forever. YES GURL. TOGETHER FOREVER!!! 

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