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23 Signs You Like To Party

Your late-night text messages don't make sense.

1. Your phone is full of names like "Shots Guy" and "Bathroom Friend."
You don't even know if they have real names, but you know if you ever called them needing a favor, they would be there for you. You guys really bonded.

2. Going to bed before midnight is never an option. 
If you're not sitting on a curb eating pizza and missing a shoe at 4 a.m., it's probably just because it's Tuesday. Weekends are for staying up until the three Redbull-vodkas you just downed wear off.

3. Shots? 
Shots. Always and forever. This is your secret handshake.

4. You can do a keg stand on your own. 
You've been doing them long enough that you've got the kind of forearm strength most gymnasts would kill to achieve.

5. Sometimes you forget what your room looks like because you've been crashing on friends' couches for days.

6. You know all the words to every single party anthem and must scream along to them every time you hear them. 
God forbid someone at this funeral has "Turn Down For What" as their ringtone and forgets to silence their phone.


7. You have about eight different event invites each weekend. 
You're going to go to all of them. You're going to pregame at your friend's lame house party, spend two hours at a blacklight party, and then cap off the night at the foam party your friend can get you into.

8. You don't know how you got some of these shin bruises. 
But you know you earned them, dammit. They're badges of honor. Maybe it was when you army-crawled behind the bar to steal a bottle of vodka. Maybe it was—no, it was definitely when you army-crawled behind the bar.

9. The bartender knows you. 
Which bartender? All of them. In every bar in a 10-mile radius.

10. Half your text messages make no sense. 
You find yourself needing to explain what everything meant the next day.

11. You've got more club clothes than work clothes. 
You've forgotten to wash your work clothes once and had to show up to work in a bandage dress.

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12. You've filled up a water bottle with vodka or tequila so you don't have to stop drinking on the way to the club. 
Water bottles are the Millennial flask.

13. You've accidentally reached for a half-finished vokda sprite after the gym. 
You need to stop throwing those water bottles back in your freezer.

14. You've been to McDonald's when they change over to the breakfast menu. 
You've shown up at 5 a.m. for a late-night snack and watched them flip everything over, which is awesome because you'd love an Egg McMuffin.

15. You're hungover on Mondays. 
You couldn't say no to a "Sunday Funday" which turned into "Sunday Funnight."

16. Your Sunday morning ritual is going back to the bar you were at to get your card. 
You should've learned to just pay cash by now.

17. You always lose your voice by the end of the weekend. 
Screaming, "I love you guys!" over the bass 19 times an hour will do that.


18. You know all the local specials every night. 
You've told your friend who wants to meet for drinks, "Well, it's Tuesday, so our options are Chili's or Agave for unlimited margaritas and mojitos."

19. "Going out on Friday and Saturday nights sucks. Thursday is the best night because that's when real club people go out," is a thing you've said out loud.

20. You've forced your family to make vacation plans around EDM festivals. 
You're cutting your Christmas short so you can go to Lights All Night and skipping out on the family trip to visit grandma this summer for the Electric Daisy Carnival.

21. You own a flask. 
And it has a name.

22. You don't understand people who drink beer for the taste. 
Beer is beer. Just chug it.

23. You are under 25.


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