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25 Reasons Living Alone Is Awesome

Other than being able to take off your pants as soon as you walk through the door.

1. You can get naked as soon as you walk in the door. Pants were clearly invented by people who had roommates.

2. You can stay up as late as you want. Without keeping it down for other people. Blast that episode of Sex and the City!

3. And not be kept up by someone else, if you want to sleep. Remember that feeling of “I’m in my bedroom in the dark and outside my roommate is having a party and why do they have to blast David Guetta so loud?”

4. Actually, you probably get the best sleep, since you’re not sharing your bed with anyone, either. No being awoken by a midnight boner poking you in the lower back. This can be a good and a bad thing.

5. You can choose the pet of your dreams. Even if it is a cat that doesn’t like anyone except you. So, like, most cats.

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6. And the décor. Like digusting 1970s mustard-yellow rec room furniture? Go nuts.

7. Every time you pay bills or unclog a toilet or handle some other Very Grown Up living issue, you will feel like more of a Woman. Independent women, throw your hands up!

8. You can take guys home without worrying about roommate awkwardness. Like that time your lesbian roommate and all her friends are watching The L Word in the living room and you come home with a guy and they all look at you.

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9. You can watch embarrassing TV shows.

10. You don’t have to fake being in a good mood just to be polite with roommates. How was your day? Good. How was your day? Good.

11. You can leave the bathroom door open. Poop freely.

12. You shower for as long as you want.
 No roommate to knock at your door while you're exfoliating to say that you need to hurry up. 

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13. You can leave your clothes on the floor of the bathroom. For, like, months if you want to. I sometimes forget and think my discarded pajama pile is part of the bathroom floor.

14. And dishes in the sink. Overnight, at least. Shouldn’t let that pile up.

15. You don’t have to worry about a roommate hearing you have sex, or vice versa. You can be loud as hell and nobody will accuse you of being inconsiderate. Or masturbate in the next room. (This is real. I went out with a guy whose roommate did that. Pause for reaction.)

16. Nobody will steal your food. And therefore no need for obsessive labeling of groceries or passive-aggressive notes. Hey! If anyone took some of my bread or whatever, like Anna, please be mindful and buy your own groceries, Anna, you disgusting thief! Love you.

17. Or borrow your clothes. Or ask to borrow your clothes, and you have that brief moment where you’re like “Shoot, she’s gonna stretch out my shirt but I obviously can’t say that," and she borrows it, and does.

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18. You do not have to have awkward conversations about how SOMEONE owes you electric and water bills. GODDAMMIT, ANNA.

19. Your shoes can take up a lot of space. As much as they need. Let them roam free.

20. You can drink out of the container. Straight out of the milk gallon—just the way you like it. 

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21. You will never come home to four people you can’t stand getting drunk in your living room. “Let me invite my three most annoying friends over and then get drunk so they become even more annoying.” –Roommates.

22. NO MORE CHORE WHEELS. It’s almost easier when one person does everything.

23. You don’t have to go to parties you don’t want to just because your roommate and/or significant other is pressuring you to. STAYING IN, HOLLAAAAA.

24. You can make an omelet and eat it out of the skillet. In bed, ideally.

25. You can keep your fan AND aircon running at the same time because you like it that way. Because your house, your rules!

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