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4 Fab Ways To Start A Conversation

Meeting new people can often be uncomfortable. Be a pro at breaking the ice with strangers by following our tips!

When someone introduces you to a new guy or you find yourself in a room full of strangers, what's your first instinct? Do you walk up to them with a smile and say hi, or do you clam up and keep quiet until they approach you? We hope you don't do the latter, because you can miss out on so much just by being shy. Here are some subtle ways to kill the awkward silence by starting a conversation with people you don't know:

1. Use compliments.
It's hard to ignore someone who's stroking your ego, right? You can begin chatting with a stranger by simply praising her on her terrific hair or funky jewelry. Just make sure you're not too gushy.

2. Be an observer. Turn to the hot guy next to you and ask him how he knows the host or comment on how great the place looks.

3. Cheat your way in. It's rude to bust in on a group, so stand on the periphery and chime in during a pause: "I'm sorry, I was walking by and I heard you talking about Maltese puppies. My friend just got one and..."

4. Tell a story. A funny tale can reel people in, like a breezy account of the time you walked into a house party where you didn't know a soul and spent a good hour mingling before you realized you were in the wrong place.

Source: Communications expert Susan Roane

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