5 Gifts That Show Your Love For Your Special Someone

Want to give your boyfriend something from the heart this Valentine's Day? Here are some sweet ideas.
Valentine's Day is the holiday of hearts, and the whole month of February is about love, love, love. It's easy for your boyfriend to V-Day-shop if he's the kind of guy who likes to stick to staples. (You know, roses, chocolates, stuffed animals...) You, on the other hand...well, you can't exactly give your guy flowers, can you? Well, some chicks can, and do. But don't worry, though, if you're not the type! You don't have to break the bank to find something special.

Your guy might not be the openly sweet and sensitive type, but all guys appreciate personal touches. That's why letting him know how you feel about him is important, not just on V-Day, but everyday. The best gifts are the meaningful ones, so tell him how much you love him with these nifty gift ideas:

1. If Your Guy Loves Music:
Put together a mix CD of songs that make you think of him, or songs that are attached to memories that both of you share. (Think: Songs that he likes! Try to remember that your guy might not like Lady Gaga as much as you do.) It will be a super sweet way of telling him how you feel about him without actually having to say the words. Don't forget to remind him of sexy times by throwing in that bass-driven track you first dirty danced to.

2. If Your Guy Loves Movies:
Get him a DVD of one of his favorite flicks of all time. It'll be even better if it's a movie you guys saw in the cinema together. It will show him that you know him well enough to remember what he likes. Plus, it only means that you're so close, you even know what he has (and doesn't have) in his collection. As an added bonus, you can curl up next to him on the couch and ask if he wants to spend the night watching it with you. How could he say no?

3. If Your Guy Loves Books:
It's likely that your guy already has every book his favorite author has ever written, but it never hurts to have a second copy, especially if you make it extra special. Pick out one of his faves that you've read. Write him a little love note on the title page telling him why you chose that particular book—and maybe, how you feel about him. He'll be glad that you're interested in something he loves, and it'll give you something new to discuss the next time you talk.

4. If Your Guy Loves Games:
Every guy has an inner child that comes out to play whenever you put him in front of a gaming console. If your man is the fun-loving type who has a PS3, an Xbox 360, and a Wii parked in front of his TV, he'll love it if you get him a new video game to play. It shows him that you embrace everything about him—even his little quirks and occasional childishness. It tells him that you know how to let loose and have fun. Maybe you can play together.

5. If Your Guy Loves...You:
A bottle of wine, a little delicious chocolate...and some quality time in bed. Clothing optional. Do we really have to say more?
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