5 Girlfriends Every Cosmo Chick Should Have

Even when you're surrounded with all things nega in the world, you know you can face them when you've got gal pals like these by your side.
Ever notice how you turn to different friends for different needs? How you'll go to one specific girlfriend for heart-to-heart kwento, but that friend might not be the same person you turn to when you want to have a wild night out with one of your pals? All of your girlfriends are undeniably incredible in their individuality. Make sure you have girls like this in your posse.

  1. Soul Sister
    Blood relative preferred, but not required. Inextricably intertwined histories? A MUST. Does she remember when you shoved a pencil eraser up your nose? Do you remember the Backstreet Boys album she played for hours on end? You may not spend four hours a day on the phone anymore, but no one knows you better and loves you anyway.

  2. Mommy Dearest
    She's the quick fixer-upper who knows what you should wear to your interview, date, or trial, and where to find it for cheap. She bakes you brownies when you're blue and serves you salmon when you're on South Beach. She's just the person to go to when you're in the mood for some mothering without the parental lecturing.

  3. Party Girl
    When you need to cut loose, this is the chick to call. She's usually just heading out the door as your more fuddy-duddy friends head home. It's no wonder that a night with this rockin' roller will have you waking up sometime in the afternoon, hung over, feeling like death, and physically unable to wipe that goofy smile off your face.

  4. Cubicle Confidante
    Your office neighbor and lunch break buddy, she shares your pain when it comes to looming deadlines, psycho supervisors, and crazy clients. You're each other's sounding boards and are plotting your career paths all the way to the top rung of the corporate ladder.

  5. Smart Cookie
    Feeling the urge to indulge your inner nerd? This intellectual shares your passion for foreign films, art, and all things esoteric that you'd have to drug your boyfriend or other buddies to get them to attend. She'll even read your attempts at poetry and offer a thoughtful critique instead of simply rolling her eyes and giggling before busting out a dirty limerick and exclaiming, "Now, that's poetry!”
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