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5 Gutsy Moves You Must Make

These feisty tricks can transform you into one irresistibly foxy chick.
1. On a particularly warm day, wear a top that shows major cleavage.

2. Keep a spare pair of panties in your clutch. You never, ever know where the night will lead.

3. Don't just leave the lights on during sex. Position them by your bed so he can get a better look.

4. You know those pictures you have taped on the refrigerator to stop yourself from pigging out (a huge pig; you in last year's sarong cover up in Boracay; super skinny celebs)? Take them down. Your new strategy: Trust—and occasionally treat—yourself.

5. Next time your guy's mouth is agape because some chick with her cups running over saunters by, slap his butt and say, "Nice tits, huh, babe?"

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