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5 Pinoy Myths About Menstruation

I love you lola, but I don't think I want to wipe my face with period blood.

As much as we love our grandmothers, moms, and titas, some of their womanly advice just DO NOT make sense. Here, five of the oddest Pinoy period myths:

1. "When you get your menarche (your first flow) in your teenage years, wash your face with the blood so you won’t get pimples."

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No, don’t! It’s disgusting AND unhygienic. Instead of doing this, we suggest picking up your trusty pimple cream or trying out any of these DIY facial masks.

2. "Jump off the stairs from three steps up so that your period will last for only three days."

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In case you weren’t listening in Biology class, periods normally last three to five days. You don’t need to risk getting a sprained ankle, okay?

3. "Don’t take a bath during your period, you’ll be infertile."

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Elders argue that taking a bath during your period will let cold air enter your body (nalalamigan), through your vagina. Infertility can be caused by a lot of factors, but we’re pretty sure taking a bath during your period isn’t one of them.

4. "Dysmenorrhea can be cured by marriage."

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We think the GIF is enough to explain it all.

5. "Attending a wake during your period will make your menses foul-smelling."

Liquids secreted by the body have particular smells, and most of the time, they’re not very pleasant. The same goes for your menses. So whether or not you attend a wake, the odor will still be there.