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5 Reasons Why High School Friends Are For Keeps

Friends forever.

1. They accept you for who you are.
They've witnessed every possible awkwardness you've gone through in your teen years: braces, acne, body hair—and yes, that jerk who broke your heart. Ten years later, you've got straighter teeth, better skin, less hair, and (ideally) an awesome boyfriend, and they're still around, to remind you of how much you've grown and how far you've come.   

2. You have a shared history with them.
No matter how many times you reminisce about your childhood adventures ("Remember the time we…?"), those tales just never get old. Slumber party and tequila shots optional. 

3. They are like extended family.
Your parents know them and treat them like their own. They were the siblings you never had; soul sisters and brothers from another mother. And yes, it’s totally normal for you to show up in their homes at any given time for no reason at all.

4. You will always have a solid support system.
They know your quirks and can give an insanely comprehensive analysis of why you’re feeling the way you do. Even when you think you’ve got yourself all figured out, sometimes it takes someone who has known you for years to keep you sane when going through a life crisis.

5. They keep your values and ideals in check.
A lot of things can change after high school and college. That is why it is important to have your best friends around to keep you anchored to the values you uphold in life. They are the kind of friends who will remind you of your ideals and won’t give you bull when they see you turning into someone you’re not.


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