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5 Things You Should Do Right After A Breakup

Yes, you will be okay again.

1. Call your best friends and cry your heart out.
You don't have to go through this alone. Let it all out until it hurts a little less. Your friends will listen to you, comfort you, and remind you that YOU ARE LOVED AND NOT ALONE. Don't let the opinions of one person make you question your worth.

2. Go on a social media detox.
The last thing you want to do is expose your vulnerability to the world. Posting a super sad status or a patama tweet to your ex won’t fix things or make the situation any easier for you. Deal with it privately and only talk about it with people you truly trust.

3. Resist all temptation to contact your ex.
Delete his number on your phone, unfollow him on Twitter and Instagram, and hide his posts on Facebook. The urge to talk to him will be strong, but you need to fight it if you want things to get better. It will be hard and it will hurt, but you gotta do what's best for you.

Here's a tried and tested tip: If you feel like you really need to say something to your ex, write it down. That way you can express your feelings without making yourself vulnerable to him again. You can keep it to yourself or share it with a friend. Just don't send it to him.

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4. Listen to feel-good songs and have a dance break in your room.
Blast Taylor Swift’s "Shake It Off" or "Roar" by Katy Perry. Force yourself to smile despite the heartbreak. Even if you have to fake it, it helps. Also, as much as we love Coldplay, The Script, and Adele, you should definitely stay away from their songs for now. You need good vibes all around, girl.

5. Keep yourself distracted as much as possible.
Idle time is your worst enemy at this point. You will need distractions to fill the void. Plan dinners with your barkada, watch movies and TV shows, read a book, go on a road trip, or work on a new project. Concentrate on yourself for now. It's the perfect time for self-discovery. You have to give yourself productive time to heal.