6 Things To Do In Between Boyfriends

Relationship status: single? Now's the best time to flirt, primp, and party! Here, fun ways to make the most of your freedom.

1. Make out with a random guy who’s completely not your type, just because he’s mad hot.  

2 .Take a trip alone. Or, go with a friend but spend some time separately. Exploring exotic terrain on your own gives you a real in-the-moment high.

3. Pack in those plans guys often tend to roll their eyes about: art galleries, plays, poetry readings.

4. Use the money that would’ve gone toward a BF’s birthday present for a deep-tissue massage.

5. Get at least three guys to ask for your number in the same day.

6. Throw a casual weekly cocktail party, each time inviting a different mix of friends, coworkers, and new acquaintances.

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