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8 Excuses Kids With Strict Parents Use

And what they really mean.

When it's way past your curfew…

“Ma, traffic sa EDSA.” Because no one can ever question the traffic.  

“Late na kami pinalabas ng prof. Kapagod.Act tired. Act stressed. Act like your life only depended on sleep. Now, go straight to the room. Did she notice? No? YAAAAS!

When you need to go out…ON A WEEKEND

“Dad, may speech choir practice kami tomorrow. Next week na 'yung contest eh.” LOL, speech choir was over a week ago. And we didn’t even win. I just really want to watch The Intern with my friends.

“All girls kami, promise!” Your dad didn’t even ask yet who you're going out with, but uunahan mo na siya para sure! And you already warned your barkada that NO ONE is allowed to post a photo with Nico or Gab on Facebook.

When they see a photo of you with a guy….

“Dad, wala 'yan. Bakla 'yan si Carlo. Not true. Carlo is actually straight and has professed his undying love for you. But you aren't going to tell your dad that, are you...

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When your friends are planning a sleepover…

“Ma, gawa lang kami ng thesis kanila Kaye.” And for the nth time she’ll ask you: “Thesis ba talaga yan?! Baka naglalakwatsa ka lang,” but she half-heartedly allows you to go do your “thesis” anyway because she trusts you and your ~adult~ decisions. Hehe.

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When the parentals are calling and you are not in school/training/your BFF’s home/wherever you said you are going…

“Ma, why?? Naka-silent yung phone ko. Di ko narinig.” You just actually stare at your phone waiting for the call to end so you can text. It’s just too risky to take that call with all your friends around. Seriously, would your mom want to hear “Whooo shot pa!” in the background?! NO.

When your outfit is "too sexy"...

"Papatungan ko pa 'to ng jacket." You can’t argue with your mom anymore or else you’ll be late! You can just remove that ugly jacket anyway, lol.

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