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8 Lies You Should Stop Telling Your Friends

A true friend keeps it real.

We’ve all been caught in sticky situations where we had to tell some (white) lie even to our best girlfriend. But think of it this way: Wouldn’t you rather be told that you have green stuff in your teeth BEFORE you see your crush rather than AFTER you flash him your megawatt smile?

Here, 8 lies we should just stop telling our friends: 

1. “All men are the same.”
One bad experience with a guy should not turn us into man-haters or man-judgers. One guy’s misbehavior should not define the entire pack.

What you should say instead: “What he did to you was really shitty and unjustified. You deserve better. Let's find you a guy you deserve."

2. “She is so ugly! You’re waaay prettier than her.”
Let’s face it, girls are laiteras by nature. While our role as girlfriends is to boost a friend’s confidence (especially after she has been replaced by an Ex), we can do this by focusing on our friend’s strengths, instead of judging another girl’s skin, thighs, or boobs!

What you should say instead: “You are a beautiful, strong woman. You will get through this.”


3. “I’m on my way!” or “See you in 5 minutes!”
We are all guilty of this. Let’s spare each other the awkwardness of waiting alone at a café or restaurant and start valuing punctuality. If you can’t make it on time, you should at least tell your friend the real reason why!

What you should say instead: “I got caught up at work but I’ll be there in (*insert realistic time here*) minutes.

4. “I’ll see you on Saturday!” or “Sure, I’ll follow later.”
Do you really want to be branded as a flaker? Nope, didn’t think so. If you cannot go to an event, then don’t commit. It’s okay to say “No” to your friends.

What you should say instead: “I’m sorry but I can’t make it, I’ve already made plans.”

5. “Don’t worry, you weren’t THAT drunk last night!”
We’ve all had that one night where we’ve had too much Vodka 7s. Be a real friend and try to watch out for each other when drinking on GNO. If, during her drunkenness, your pal gives the girls of Jersey Shore a run for their money, talk to her about it the next day. She would rather hear it from you than from a YouTube video on her newsfeed.

What you should say instead: “What you did last night was epic—but reckless. Try not to drink on an empty stomach next time. ”

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6. “No, you don’t look fat in that dress.”
You would never allow your friend to show up at a party looking like a whale, right?

What you should say instead: “I’m not sure it’s the best fit for you. Why not go for the halter dress instead? You look fab in halters!”

7. “I’m not mad.”
You’ve been giving your friend the cold shoulder for an entire month, so something must be wrong. Thresh out your frustrations or disappointments and make up like mature women.

What you should say instead: “I must admit, I got upset because of what you did.”

8. “Really, I’m fine! I love my life!”
Your real friends will be there for you during the worst of times. You don’t have to act like your life is perfect by masking your problems with designer bags, weekend parties, and a fake smile. Your friends will eventually figure it out. Do not be afraid to tell them that something is wrong.

What you should say instead: “Hey, I need your help.”


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