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9 Important Lessons I Learned In College

Girl, mag-aral ka muna bago lumandi. Tapusin mo muna thesis mo.

1. All-nighters are overrated.
There were days when it felt like skipping sleep was the only way to get everything done. But here's the truth: there was ALWAYS time to finish readings and homework. But that time was used to do stupid things instead—like complaining about having no time to finish things. 

2. You are never "not good enough" for something.
"You should never sell yourself short," or, "You won't really know until you try," are things you hear all the time. Gasgas na sa kung gasgas, but those words really are true. When an opportunity presents itself, take it. Apply for that dream internship, join that poetry competition, ask out that cute guy you've been stalking since freshman year. Sometimes life will throw something random at you, so catch it.

3. Group work is the ultimate test of friendship.
If working with strangers is hard, working with friends is harder, especially if a big chunk of your grade depended on it.


4. Book smart doesn’t translate to street smart.
Because the world is fair, someone who gets straight A's in school may actually be the biggest idiot when it comes to Real World Things. You may not be at par with someone academically, but your people skills, your diskarte, and sipag will take you places, especially when you start working. Nobody will ask if you graduated with honors or if you were in the Dean's List since you were an embryo. Dean's List ka nga, pro ka ba gumamit ng Microsoft Excel? Hindi.

5. It's okay to feel lost.
You might come to a point where you’ll question a lot of things, and think that you’re in the wrong major. It's okay to go through that, because no one has completely figured out life. The adults who tell you that they've completely figured out life are lying. LYING!

6. Joining an org outside of your course is one of the best decisions you can ever make.
Go out and discover a world other than what you’re used to. You’ll meet the most amazing people and realize how much potential you have.

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7. Everything is an opportunity to learn.
Nothing is ever “useless.” Even that class that bores you to death. Or that professor you hate with a passion.

8. Love will come.
Girl, mag-aral ka muna bago lumandi. Tapusin mo muna thesis mo.

9. Don’t be in such a rush.
We've all had that “I just want school to be over so I can make my own money and walwal all I want” moments. But really, don’t be in such a rush. Employment is not that easy. There are taxes. And government clearance and permits. And no summer breaks. So stop bitching about school, because once you enter The Real World, you'll miss college. A LOT. 

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