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9 Regifting Rules Every Person Should Live By

You wouldn't want to get caught regifting something to the person who originally gave it to you.

We've all regifted presents, so regifting shouldn't be frowned upon when it's done right. Here are the regifting rules you need to know to avoid hurting our loved ones' feelings this season:

1. Only regift pretty or cute gifts that you just don't need or can't use. The logic behind this is you don't want the pretty or cute gift to go to waste, and you know someone who is bound to love it. If that's the case, regifting is perfectly okay, if not a good thing to do.

2. Only regift to someone who is not in the original giver's social circle. It would be embarrassing for you and the original giver if she saw her friend have the same cute earrings she had given you last Christmas and to find out that you gave the pair away. If a friend gave you something you're not entirely a fan of but is pretty cute, you can regift it to your officemate who has no connections with your friend, or a relative.

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3. Only regift items that have never been unpacked or are still in just-store-bought condition. Meaning they're still in the original box. Or you can buy a box and wrap it beautifully, ribbons and all.

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4. Don't regift something you know that person will look for. If your aunt got you a purse and she's the type to keep looking for the purse or wondering why she doesn't see you using it, don't regift it for family's sake. If you're at a family reunion, you might as well use it there for her to see it and feel happy.

5. Don't regift a family heirloom. If you do, you will regret it. Family heirlooms should be held sacred!

6. If it's really, really ugly, don't give regift it, and think twice about donating it. Donating our old things we don't need anymore is a good endeavor. But donating something we find disgusting or trashy? That's not very nice; it says something about how you look at the less fortunate.

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7. If you can't remember who gave you the item you want to regift, don't regift it. You do not want to regift it to someone who had given it to you. That's just going to hurt that person.

8. Don't regift items that are outdated or no longer in style. Even if you say that yesteryear's trends will be in vogue once again, you probably still shouldn't regift the item, especially in the wrong season. People can tell when something is old.

9. Don't regift something handmade or personalized for you. There was a lot of thought, heart, and effort placed in the gift, and that should be respected by keeping it. You might not like how it looks, but some gifts are more than that.

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