9 Struggles Only Girls Who Live Alone Will Understand

Flying ipis?!?! HELP!
PHOTO: Nick Onken

1. Always feeling unsafe.
Constantly. Every time you have food or water delivered, you’re suspicious of the delivery guy. Good thing you have three locks to bar your door. 

2. Dealing with a renegade flying ipis!
Or worse, renegade rats! Ewww! Help!

3. Budgeting your sweldo is difficult AF.
Unlike your friends who still live with the ’rents, you’ve got rent and utility bills to pay. Let’s not even get started on the major expenses on your credit card.

4. Learning to cook for one.
It’s kind of impossible because you always end up with a week’s worth of food. At least now you have baon for the rest of the week. Yay!

5. Cleaning your apartment or condo is hard work.
And because you do it on your own, you’ve learned to appreciate how mom and the help kept your home neat and tidy. 

6. Struggling with handyman duties.
Clogged toilets and sinks, a busted water heater, and broken pipes can be a bitch when you have no experience. The struggle is real, CGs!

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7. Letting the dishes accumulate in the kitchen sink.
The sad part of all of this is, you have no one to blame but yourself! Your new motto: WASH. RINSE. REPEAT!

8. Getting irrationally scared when you hear creepy sounds in the middle of the night.
Do away with all those horror movies, girl! From now on, stick to sappy rom-coms and feel-good flicks. 

9. And lastly, accidentally locking yourself out of our own place.
There’s no need to feel like an idiot. It’s bound to happen at least once. The great thing about being independent and living alone: making mistakes and learning from them. 

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