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9 Things Mahinhin Girls Are Tired Of Hearing

'Ang pabebe mo.' Like, what does that even mean.
PHOTO: Tamara Schlesinger

1. “Ang KJ mo!”

Hindi ka nakiki-ride sa mga jokes ng barkada, especially when they become too naughty. Also, you don't think they're funny! Why are you going to fake laughter?! Effort!

2. “You’re so pa-demure!"

Call it pa-virgin or pa-Maria Clara, you just can’t blame yourself for being reserved becomes it comes naturally.

3. “Are you feeling well?”

You're usually quiet and sit by yourself in a corner while everyone else has a great time at a party. Feeling nila may dinaramdam ka, but you’re perfectly fine. LOL!

4. “Are you sure?”

Every once in a while, your inner extrovert comes out—and your friends get so surprised. Relax, you guys. It's not like I'm doing something illegal. I just missed curfew. By like 15 minutes. 

5. “Bata ka pa.”

People think you're not ready for an ~*adventure*~ when you tell them you want to go cliff diving, mountain climbing, or like, bar hopping. I'm an adult, too, just like you!

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6.“Ang pabebe mo masyado.”

Being pabebe is entirely different from being mahinhin. How is that hard to understand?!

7. “Nasa loob ang kulo niyan.”

So you actually think that our pagka-mahinhin is just on the outside?

8."Huwag kang mag-mamadre, hija!”

Reunions are awesome, until all your titos and titas get into the whole huwag-ka-magmamadre-dahil-sayang-ka conversation. Ugh. Please.

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9. “Pa-inosente lang ‘yan.

When barkada conversations get dirty, your friends usually accuse you of playing innocent, because you don't get their stupid jokes. What they don’t know is that you really don't get their stupid jokes! You’re clueless, plus, you DGAF what they think anyway. Mahinhin girls rock forever.