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11 Signs You're One Of The Boys

Guys call you "bro," "dude," "pre," or "chong."

1. Most of your really close friends are guys.

You like their frankness and their geekiness, and you like how you can be brutally honest and geeky with them too. You just jive with them!

2. Playing video games, reading Marvel and DC comics, and watching NBA are some of your hobbies.

Sometimes you wonder if it's because your brother made you do all those things when you were little. That aside, you enjoy having your guy friends to play with, geek out with, or compete with. Yup, you can take 'em down in Call of Duty.

3. You can listen to guys talk about their hook-ups without being grossed out or thinking they're giving TMI.

You're actually quite interested and intrigued to find out who among your guy friends have game and who don't. But you will call them out on their stupid moves or when they say something disrespectful about a girl.

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4. You have more girl crushes than guy crushes, and you talk to your boys about how pretty Daisy Ridley, Anne Hathaway, and Emma Watson are.

There are times though that you've named a celeb crush and they don't agree with you that much. Like with Anna Kendrick. You don't get why they don't see it, and you still can't seem to convince them that she's hot.

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5. You dislike it when your girl friends tell you they're playing mind games on their boyfriends.

That's never ever going to solve anything! You always tell your girl friends to just be straightforward and honest, and to watch their tone so they don't start a huge fight. You know the guys are never going to take the hint because boys just aren't keen on signals. Or at least, they can know something's up but they don't know what caused it, so they can't do anything.

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6. You don't mind swear words in conversations.

You're a swearer yourself. Impolite? Pssh. It's called being casual and having fun. Besides, research says swearing proves we have a large vocabulary.

7. You love beer.

Okay, you don't get why beer is a "guy's drink," whatever that means. But you like some buzz when you're out with your friends; and beer, at least where you order it, is cheap.

8. You're not into taking photos for social media.

In general, you're not into taking photos. It's a hassle to bring your phone out and to be the one documenting your hangouts and the food you eat. You've experienced being with people (hello, family) who keep taking photos of the food and making a production out of it, and it sure isn't fun when you're sitting there with a grumbling tummy. "Can we eat already?" "Wait, last shot! Last na talaga." UGH.

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9. Guys call you "bro," "dude," "pre," or "chong."

And no, you don't take offense. You feel close to them than ever when they call you those names. You're just not sure if that's their way of putting you in the friend zone or not. Oh well.

10. You're not afraid to get your hands dirty.

Or getting your white sneakers dirty. You can always clean them anyway. You're a pretty easygoing girl, so you're cool with trying things you've never done before or just exerting some physical labor. It helps that you're dressed so comfortably that you can really move around.

11. When you dress up and put makeup on, your guy friends are horrified and say, "Whoa, what did you do to yourself?!"

Or they say shit like "Your dress looks like those vintage wallpapers, like the kind my lola picked for the house." UH, OKAY. THANKS FOR THE TIP, BRO. But that doesn't stop you from dressing up once in a while 'cos you like it too. You just tell your friends to never ever make comments like that again to any girl. Which, of course, they forget. 

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