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Are You Overthinking?

Here are some signs that you are!

1. It takes you longer than the average person to compose a text, an email, or even a status update.

It's a never ending cycle of typing, deleting, and editing. It's a must to find the perfect words for a tweet or an SMS so you can avoid ticking people off. And don't even get started with important emails—that will probably take forever. It always has to be post- or send-worthy.

2. Your mind has all these possible interpretations for every situation.

You've mastered the art of reading between the lines, subtexts, and body language. You might not be aware of it but one situation can mean a lot of things to your restless brain. You have a penchant for the complicated. What does a "Hey, I like you a lot" mean? "Like" like as a friend or "like like?!"

3. You also have an arsenal of all the possible scenarios that could happen as a result of your actions.

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Which is why you're totally indecisive (even down to the most commonplace things like what to eat for lunch) and you have a treasure chest's worth of back-up plans in case Plan A, Plan B, or Plan Z don't work out. It's not even hard that you put much effort into it; you're a natural at seeing alternate realities or futures. Most of the time, you think of the worst-case scenario.

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4. Second guessing people's intentions and even yourself is as easy as breathing.

It's hard to trust anyone (yes, including yourself) because you believe that pure, honest intentions don't exist. There will always be that cloud of doubt if a person is being nice to you because he's nice or if it's because he wants something from you. You're not even sure you believe that you're capable of making sound decisions for yourself!

5. You replay the past in your head a lot of times and wish you could've done things differently.

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The past has a way of haunting you at different parts of the day. Your mind suddenly takes you all the way back to elementary when you had that one embarrassing moment or that time in college when you broke it off with your first boyfriend. You wish you could go back and undo a mistake or do things even better. 

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