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17 Ways Older Sisters Make Your Life Better

We love you, ate!

1. She broke in your parents for you.
Good old "first-born child syndrome." By the time you were breaking the rules, your parents were like, "Eh, whatever, your sister stayed out late and she turned out fine."

2. She gave you rides to the mall and random parties so you didn't have to get a ride from your mom.
Saying "My ate dropped me off!" is waaaay cooler than "My mom brought me here." 

3. She taught you how to use tampons and sanitary pads even if she rolled her eyes at you before doing it.
No, you don't leave the applicator in, you silly little pup. And always get the one with wings!

4. She introduced you to the best new music before any of your friends were listening to it and let you tag along to concerts with her friends. 

5. She gave you makeup way before your mom would've let you wear it.
NO, I DIDN'T TAKE YOUR MASCARA. *bats luxurious black eyelashes*


6. She picked you up when you'd been drinking at a party and scolded you, but didn't tell your parents.
And let's be honest, a scolding from your admirable older sister is so much more shameful than anything your parents could say anyway.

7. She got you your first job.
And she also helped you score that summer internship that pretty much made your life. Thanks, ate.

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8. Her hand-me-downs are nice clothes that you couldn't afford yet because she's a Mature Adult.
Also, "But she wears them!" is the proven best way to get your parents to let you buy crop tops.

9. She chastised you for pretty much everything, but now you know that it was just to toughen you up.
And you know what? You should play with your hair less. And Brian really was a jerk who was playing you. Ate was just giving you a heads up. She probably has psychic powers like mom does. 

10. She always defended you when someone picked on you at school, even if she never acknowledged you otherwise.
All it takes is one older girl who already has breasts to shut down a catty gradeschool rumor.


11. If you got into a fight with your parents, she'd be the mediator.
But she was always mooooostly on your side. #SistersBefore...Parents?

12. She'd give you great advice on applying to colleges since, you know, she did that already.
And, unlike your parents, she recognized how important, ahem, student life was.

13. She gives you the best advice on dating, boys, and people who are mean to you.
"She's a backstabber," or "That guy isn't going to commit, so leave him," or "Gab is nice, you should date him."

14. Even if you both messed up, she took the blame because she's supposed to be more ~*ReSpOnSiBle*~.
You feel kind of bad about it, but it's also just so sweet and comforting that she cares about you that much.

15. She taught you how to sneak out and make foolproof plans for nights out. 


16. She'll be the best maid of honor ever.
She's already been to a million awful bachelorette parties, and has planned her own wedding, so she will do whatever it takes to make sure you have the best.

17. She's the first one to have kids, so the pressure is off you to procreate. 

But when you do, you'll move in next door and your kids will be best friends?!

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