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10 Graphic Designers You Should Follow On Instagram

Check out their cool designs!
PHOTO: Instagram/raxenne

Travel snapshots and photos of cute dogs on your Instagram are all well and good, but they can be repetitive at times. Why not add a dash of sleek pattern or colorful typography to your feed by following local Filipino artists who do graphic design for a living? Here are 10 digital illustrators that are always worth a double tap.

Dan Matutina (@twistedfork)

Dan Matutina, co-founder of graphic design studio Plus63 and multi-headed design firm Hydra, is one of the leading designers in the Metro today. He's behind the logo rebrands for the UP Fighting Maroons and Summit Media, illustrations for The Washington Post—one of which was included in the American daily's "50 Great Illustrations from 2016," and even the Philippine Independence-themed Google Doodle in 2017. Follow his Instagram to stay updated on his exciting projects.

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Marlon Mayugba (@marsmygb)

Marlon Mayugba is currently working as a senior graphic designer for one of Riyadh's top design studios. His previous projects include brand and design concepts for Philippine-based Tokyo Café, California-based matcha company Magus Brands, and an American organic restaurant called Margeaux and Linda's Vegan Kitchen. His Instagram feed is a mix of commissioned works and geometrical illustrations.

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Risa Rodil (@risarodil)

Most of Risa Rodil's digital art centers on colorful typography, hand-lettering for children's books, and logo designs with a bold color palette. She describes her style as "a vibrant mixture of striking colors with a touch of whimsy and modern retro." Her social media is filled with inspirational quotes in full color that will surely brighten up your Instagram feed.

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Gian Wong (@giancarlowong)

Manila-based designer Gian Wong uses a lot of contrasting colors and loud typeface for his designs, so they're sure to grab your attention. He also develops his own typefaces, including a baybayin-inspired font made through a collaboration with fellow graphic artists like Jeth Torres and Oliver Santiago. His Instagram feed is simply calligraphy #goals.

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Paul Gernale (@paulgernale)

Paul Gernale specializes in logo design and graphic illustrations, mostly for local design company Canva. His minimalistic style is evident in his black-and-white logo studies and monochromatic web icons. His projects will always add a touch of cuteness to your Instagram feed.

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John Laurente (@laurenteoki)

Motion graphics artist John Laurente creates his three-dimensional visual magic through animation and modelling applications like Cinema 4D and Octane. A quick look at his Instagram feed and you'll automatically be drawn to his out-of-this world patterns reminiscent of Marvel's Quantum Realm.

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Jeth Torres (@jethtorres)

Jeth Torres is behind some of Team Manila's merchandise collaborations, such as designs for San Miguel Pale Pilsen and Nike LeBron. His personal style of Asian-inspired patterns is evident in his logo studies and typeface samples, which you can catch a glimpse of through Instagram.

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Raxenne Maniquiz (@raxenne)

If Raxenne Maniquiz's flower-laden patterns look familiar, that's because her illustration "Work" is part of Uniqlo's board-up at Glorietta 5. She's one of the designers under Plus 63 and Hydra, alongside Dan Matutina. See more of her nature-inspired designs by following her online.

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Milo Ezel Buñao (@pancho_karambola)

Milo Ezel Buñao from Team Manila doesn't only make event posters and logo studies for a living. His alter ego, Pancho Karambola, has been creating original comics and character designs and joining art exhibits since 2016. His personal style, heavily influenced by the golden era of science fiction comics, is a major throwback to the '80s and '90s.

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Vincent Aseo (@vincentaseo)

Artist Vincent Aseo combines his talent in traditional drawing and sketching with digital art to produce vibrant and intricate poster designs inspired by popular movies, local indie films, and pop culture references. His online account is teeming with poster studies for Erik Matti's Seklusyon and BuyBust, scene-based illustrations for Mike de Leon's Citizen Jake, and, of course, colorful renditions of characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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