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3 Easy Ways To Upgrade Your Skills

Learn something new today!

One of the ways you can boost your resume is by adding a new skill that’s relevant to your industry. This may range from learning a new language to familiarizing yourself with Photoshop. Aside from impressing your employers, upgrading your skill set also comes with plenty of health benefits. According to The New Yorker, learning something new can lead to better verbal intelligence as well as a more impressive working memory.

Excited to boost your existing skill set? Read on!

1. Take online courses.

Don’t have the time or the money to go to school? Try applying for short online courses. Websites like Coursera offer many interesting subjects without tuition. All you have to do is sign up and you can learn on your own time and achieve all your goals. 

2. Teach someone.

Sometimes, the best way for you to gain mastery of a topic or skill is by teaching it to other people. When  the author of Confessions of an Entrepreneur Yann Girard was still living in China and trying to get his company off the ground, he taught English to Chinese and Japanese companies. Nevermind that English is his third language—the first being German, the second French—people still commended him on his mastery of the language.  It was only later on when he realized how he had come to grasp the language so well. “Of all the things I learned in my life, the stuff that really stuck was the stuff that I also taught to other people.”

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3. Connect old skills to new ones.

Learning involves patterns. The closer a new skill is to an already existing one, the easier it is for the brain to grasp it, reports a study published in the journal Nature. This may explain why it is easier for a computer technician to learn a new software program than to learn how to play the piano. Lead author Patrick T. Sadtler, a Ph.D. candidate in Pitt's Department of Bioengineering, likens the learning process to cooking. “Suppose you have flour, sugar, baking soda, eggs, salt and milk. You can combine them to make different items—bread, pancakes and cookies—but it would be difficult to make hamburger patties with the existing ingredients.”

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