Do You Have One of the Highest Paying Jobs in the Philippines?

Now, why didn't we get into Quality Control?

The toughest part of job hunting, whether you're a fresh graduate or ready to move on to another company, is figuring out what salary you should ask for. It's a good thing we found these nifty infographics from, which enumerate the average salary of all specializations per position level. The job search site based the data on salaries posted by employers on from January 1 – March 31, 2013.

Seriously, this just totally makes life easier. And we're so mad at ourselves right now that we didn't get into Legal Services. Or Oil and Gas Engineering. Or IT. Or Quality Control. Sigh. 

Fresh graduate salaries:

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Junior Executives (1-4 Years of Experience)

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Supervisors (5 Years of Experience and Up)

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Senior Managers 

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Visit to start job hunting! Good luck, Cosmo girls!

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