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How To Start Your Own Blog And Be Internet-Famous

It takes more than posting an #OOTD.
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These days, it’s so easy to get a domain name and website host, but to create a massive following and actually earn money from blogging is a completely different ballgame. Thinking of joining the blogosphere? We asked some of the country’s top bloggers for sound advice.

Focus on a topic and target market.

“Blogging is about sharing a part of yourself to a specific audience or industry, that’s why I recommend starting with a topic that you are really passionate about. Passion enables you to learn, explore, and create things that are going to be interesting for your target market. Blogging is about sharing, so focus on something that can be of value to your audience. Only then can success follow.” Jeff Lo, fitness blogger,

Before you buy that domain name, ask yourself why.

“My best advice to new bloggers? It’s to determine, before anything else, your big ‘why.’ Why are you blogging? Is it to make money, to share an advocacy, or to talk about your passion? Is it a hobby—something to do to pass the time? It’s important to set it down so that you know how much time, money, and work it would take for you to be successful by your own definition. Liz Lanuzo, beauty blogger,

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Choose a look that represents your personality. It’s not just about your blog design, but also the way you present yourself on social media.

“When it comes to designing your blog, it depends on your style and what you’re really like. If you’re more [minimalist, let it reflect] on the clothes that you wear. If you’re more artistic and creative in the way you dress, that also reflects in your pictures. It’s really about showing yourself and not just trying to accomplish a certain look that doesn’t really portray [who you are]. Just be you. Be creative, take quality photos, bring something new to the table, and be more present online. Be relatable by sharing what you like and being yourself.” Raiza Poquiz, lifestyle blogger,

Even if you’re not a professional writer, it helps to incorporate editorial techniques.

“Starting a blog often intimidates people who are not writers or don’t like writing. But that’s the great thing about blogging—everyone knows it’s a personal journal, so no one really expects a masterpiece of eloquence and grammatical perfection. In fact, the more personal your writing is, the more authentic you come across, and this wins readers over. A well-written blog post will still earn more readers and may even get the coveted honor of being shared. I don’t doubt that my experience as an editor and writer has helped my blog become successful. Tips? Have a concrete idea. Write about it clearly. Edit, edit, edit!

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If you’re afraid you’ll run out of ideas, make an editorial calendar. A content plan helps you map out blog posts for the month. Scheduling posts regularly also helps bring traffic in because readers like to check for new posts, and if your posting is not consistent, they’ll not come back.” Frances Sales, mommy blogger,

Treat your blog as a brand.

“Build your audience, listen to readers, and try to understand them. Then create a value around the brand you are building. Only then will brands possibly notice you and have the confidence to work with your blog for a mutually beneficial partnership.” Jeff Lo

To monetize, you need passion and consistency.

“For those who want to make good money and/or wield serious influence through blogging: be consistent. Yes, it’s that simple. I used to think that one had to be good-looking, rich, popular, and talented to be anybody online, but really, it’s just about being consistent in your work. If you have an advocacy, keep on pushing your message and creating content on schedule. If your passion is beauty (as mine is), talk about it every day until you reach and keep your audience. It might take time, but eventually you will reap rewards from your efforts.” Liz Lanuzo

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