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12 Reasons You’re Broke AF

You're an impulsive shopper.
PHOTO: Nick Onken

1. You’re a certified takaw mata.

Every time you’re in a restaurant, everything in the menu looks masarap, so you end up ordering more than what you can eat.

2. Impulse shopping is your thing.

You just can’t keep your eyes off the shop displays, because you think that all those pieces would suit you! You buy everything even though you don’t actually need them, so they eventually end up at the back of your closet.

3. You don’t keep track of your expenses.

You are too complacent when it comes to spending, thinking that those daily, unrecorded expenses you make outside of your budget (like the random bag of chips you bought weeks ago) are harmless. The small expenses would later accumulate, hence, your favorite line is, "Saan napunta sweldo ko?!"

4. You love parties and you know it.

Fridays are incomplete without a night out with friends, and you don’t mind spending on booze to compensate for a whole week’s worth of stress. As a result, mas na-stress ka lang the next day kasi naubos mo na pala yung budget mo for next week. Ayan kasi.

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5. You overspend on cosmetics without noticing it.

So Kylie Jenner just released three more lip glosses. YOU. JUST. CAN’T. MISS. THEM. FOR. THE. WORLD.

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6. You’re impatient when it comes to mall sales.

Why wait for the 3-day weekend sale when you can shop right now? It's sooo much better to pay the full price for a blazer that's, like, ~*made for you*~ than wait for sale weekend.

7. You're obsessed with online shopping.

What? It's cheaper, right? You don't spend for gas or parking fees!

8. You don’t prepare your own coffee at home.

Even though you have all the means to prepare your own cup of coffee, you don't. 

9. You don’t monitor your mobile plan.

You spend hours on Instagram and Snapchat without thinking that you have to pay extra when your next bill arrives.

10. You spend too much on the boyfriend.

It’s nice to spend on him every once in a while, but "monthsary gifts" are way too much.

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11. You always think that price = quality.

Expensive doesn't always mean better.  You can actually find high-quality products for a lower price! 

12. You’re trying to impress your friends.

It’s a sad reality, but some people hang out with certain friends so they can show off. You're better than that, Cosmo Girl! It might be high time to find *real* friends you're comfortable with so you can be yourself. Girl, there's no need to impress anyone.