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10 Cool Coworking Spaces In Manila For People Who Need To Get Some Work Done

No, you won't have to deal with distractions at these coworking spaces.
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Gone are the days when working means being stuck in a cubicle for eight to nine hours. Many people right here in Manila now work from home, whether it’s for a company or for their own businesses. But let’s admit it, working at home can be full distractions. So we’ve rounded up a list of the 10 most beautiful co-working spaces in the city, so you can get all your work done in a wonderful, distraction-free location.

  1. The Common Space

    Rates start at P400 a day
    Located at a mall in Parañaque City, this small and cozy co-working space is perfect not just for business start-ups, but for freelancers in the creative industry as well. With the motto “Cowork, collaborate, and create,” their space is very open, encouraging workers to share their ideas with each other. And with tons of natural lighting, the space also sometimes plays host to makeup workshops.

  2. Clock In

    Rates start at P550 a day
    Clock In already has a couple of branches under its belt (including in El Nido!), but they all feature a pleasing and soft aesthetic, with its use of neutral colors that are easy on the eyes. There are also a couple of posters on the walls with motivational sayings to help inspire you while you work. And like any other co-working space in Manila, they offer ultra-fast Internet as well as unlimited coffee, water, and tea.

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  3. Cofficina Café + Cowork

    Rates start at P350 a day
    Most co-working spaces are located in the business districts of the city, but if you’re someone living in Marikina, Antipolo, or Rizal, you no longer have to brave the traffic to get some work done, thanks to Cofficina Café + Cowork. This space aims to be a friendly and collaborative environment and it shows with its warm and homey interiors. They also serve some pretty good food if you’re someone who prefers to work through lunch.

  4. Loft Coworking Spaces

    Rates start at P550 a day
    From the outside, Loft looks just like any other corporate office, but its interiors tell a different story. The walls are plastered with funky murals and motivational sayings and there are tons of chic and colorful furniture places. Floor-to-ceiling windows also offer fantastic panoramic views of the city’s skyline. Their conference rooms also offer a bit of fun, being named after locations in Game of Thrones. Loft also offers accounting and legal services, if you’re just starting out your business.


    Rates start at P250
    If you need a space that makes you feel creative and productive at the same time, consider booking a table at Motivational quotes line the walls of this co-working space, inspiring you not just to work hard, but also to work smart. Meanwhile, the funky furniture pieces add a pop of color to the mainly wooden interiors. The space also has a foosball table, if you need to unwind after a long day.

  6. Agor’s Co-working

    Rates start at P1,000 per month
    With its laidback vibe, Agor’s can easily put anyone, even the most stressed out of employees, at ease. The space’s look is mainly industrial, with wooden tables and bits of greenery here and there. It also features a lot of open work areas as the owners actually encourage collaboration between workers. They even let you bring your own wine that you can share with the community!

  7. A Clean Well-Lighted Place

    Rates start at P100 per hour
    From its name alone, you can already tell what this co-working space in Ortigas offers. Their desks are big enough for you to lay out all your belongings, while their chairs are built for long hours, being designed for both comfort and efficiency. Wood is the main element of their interiors, but there are a couple of plant walls here and there that offer a nice bit of color.

  8. Warehouse Eight

    Rates start at P500 a day
    Warehouse Eight in Makati prides itself on its simple and clean interiors, making it the perfect backdrop for creative work. There are tons of open spaces here, which actually regularly play host to workshops and gallery exhibits. They also come fully equipped with a bar and pantry, as well as a couple of lounge areas.

  9. Work Folk

    Rates start at P600 a day
    Work Folk feels like it comes straight out of your Pinterest page. Its interiors, with the chevron-patterned walls, foliage accent walls, and geometric accents, look more coffee shop rather than office. But this sleek aesthetic can actually help you get more work done, as it’s relatively easy on the eyes and provides a distraction-free vibe.

  10. Common Ground

    Rates start at P12,000 per month
    Common Ground is one of the pricier co-working spaces on this list, but their interior completely makes it worth it. This space is bright and cheery, making full of the natural light that comes through their large windows. There are the usual desks and private offices, but there’s also a huge lounge set up that come with comfy couches, if you’d prefer more intimate and laidback meetings.


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