How Facebook Affects Your Job Search

That pub crawl photo? Untag yourself!

Before Facebook and other social media platforms were born, managers typically performed background checks by speaking directly with past employers. These days, however, they now turn to the internet for additional research to screen potential job candidates.

As opposed to making a decision about a job seeker solely based on his or her resume and previous employment, companies are now able to gain a greater understanding of a candidate, based on how they appear and present themselves online.

Be aware of the image being projected by your social media accoints.
Companies don’t really care how you spend your free time or weekends (as long as it’s legal!). But as a job seeker, the pictures you post, the comments you make, or the pages you “like” can actually impact your job prospects. It goes without saying that bad-mouthing your current employer or boss, making racist remarks, or showing sexually explicit photos or videos will raise immediate red flags.

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Other activities, however, such as celebrating your birthday with a couple of drinks or posting a status meant as a private joke between friends can also be misjudged by a person reading your Facebook page for the very first time.

So what do you do?
Spend some time to go through your profile and remove public information that may be interpreted in the wrong way. If you have to think about it, un-tag yourself or delete it…it’s not worth the risk.

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