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How Many Millionaires Are There In The World?

The U.S. is still the millionaire capital of the world.
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Not to rub salt on your wounds, but we're going to guess you're not exactly rolling in dough right now—same, girl, same. But can you believe that there are more millionaires now more than ever? Yes, there are a lot of people out there living the life you've always wanted. LOL! 

What exactly does it mean to be a "millionaire?" A new report by Boston Consulting Group defines a millionaire as a household that's worth more than $1 million in private wealth. 

In the U.S. and Canada, there are 7.6 million millionaire households; in Asia, we have 3.8. Last year, the world had 16.6M millionaires, and this year, we have 17.9M millionaires.

Though the U.S. is still the millionaire capital of the world right now, Asia's progressing rapidly: "All regions experienced an increase in overall wealth," with Asia-Pacific developing the fastest. By the end of 2017, "the level of private wealth in Asia is projected to surpass that in Western Europe."

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What's even more impressive is that by 2019, the combined level of private wealth of Asia-Pacific and Japan might be bigger than North America's. Damn. 

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