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How Your Raket Will Make You Good In Your Day Job

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Rakets or side hustles are the jobs we have, usually something we’re interested in or more passionate about, outside the regular 9 to 5 job. This has become the norm for millennials, either for survival or comfort. Though several people opt against taking a second job for fear of being stretched too thin, we believe that having a side hustle can actually contribute to your productivity at work. Your day job could then be seen as an investment in eventually making your side hustle or true passion your full-time gig.

1. Side hustles can help you be more disciplined.
It takes a lot of discipline to be able to divide your time and enforce the fact that you shouldn’t do tasks for either job when it isn’t the proper time. For example, you should never try to "squeeze in" some time doing your side hustle-related projects whenever you’re in the office and supposed to be doing tasks for your full-time job.


2. Side hustles can make you more organized.
This said, there aren’t a lot of hours in a day. If you don’t manage your time well and organize your schedule, you’ll never have enough time to do both. By doing this, you’ll never have to worry about missing deadlines or meetings for work.

3. Side hustles give you more experience, and therefore more credentials.
For the most part, side hustles are usually related to the industry you’re in when it comes to your day job. They can work hand-in-hand. But when they don’t and your side hustle is completely unrelated to your day job, boosting your knowledge in any industry can only help you in the long run. Even if your side hustle doesn’t directly affect your main job, what you learn from doing what you love is something you can put on your resumé and eventually use to your advantage.

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4. Side hustles can keep you motivated.
When it feels like nothing is going right and you’re slaving away at a job that doesn’t inspire you, having a side hustle and remembering that you’re closer to the dream can be an instant mood booster! It’s something you can hang on to until the day ends, and a new one begins.

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