This Is How Much Money Was Spent On Coffee On 'Friends'

As well as how many cups each character had.
PHOTO: Friends/NBC

Every true '90s kid has probably seen an episode or two of FRIENDS, whether they wanted to or not—it’s that popular. In fact, we’re willing to bet that even people who aren’t glorified fans of the sitcom are able to recognize the iconic brown couch in Central Perk; it was, after all, the MacLaren’s of the 90s.

Because so many of their scenes were filmed in the coffee house, I’ve always wondered how many cups of coffee Monica, Ross, Rachel, Joey, Phoebe, and Chandler each had in the 10 years the show was on. And apparently, I wasn’t the only curious fan.

Writer Kit Lovelace actually rewatched the entire show for the sole purpose of tracking the Central Perk crew’s coffee consumption. Dedication, folks. Here are the results:

Kit told HuffPost, “If they were somewhere where there was no coffee (Ross giving a lecture; Monica catering an event, etc), I would fast forward through the scene keeping an eye out for any potential mugs or cups. Any Central Perk scene, or apartment scene where they were eating and drinking, I watched.”

But why did he do it? Though not a die-hard FRIENDS fan, Kit said, “I was a little disappointed to see that no one had actually tried to figure out the real numbers, given that the source material was out there.” Kit even went so far as to calculate the money each character spent on coffee:

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No wonder Phoebe’s always so hyper. 

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