The Do's And Don'ts Of Dressing For Job Interviews

First impressions last!


Wear shoes with heels.
Wearing heels literally makes you stand taller, and your back straighter, which will add to your confidence when you walk into the interview room. Go for simple, closed stilettos.

Dress smartly.
Just because you're applying at a creative company where people dress casually, doesn't give you the authority to do the same...yet. Stick to your classy interview uniform—like a nice, streamlined, knee-length white dress cinched at the waist with a thin black belt and paired with black pumps. 

Have good hygiene.
Yes, your fingernails really do have to be trimmed. If you're wearing nail polish, make sure it's a neutral color like taupe. Head over to the washroom a few minutes before the interview to spritz on some perfume (just make sure it’s not overpowering) and gargle with some mouthwash.


Wear jeans.
Sometimes, interviews are done in casual venues such as a coffee shop instead of the office. But that shouldn't be an excuse to wear something casual, like jeans. And ballet flats. Never wear ballet flats to an interview!

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Buy an entirely new outfit for your interview.
You don’t have to buy expensive clothes for interviews. You can literally come in that pencil skirt you bought at the tiangge last weekend, and still look super chicprovided you come to the office looking smart and confident AF. Good luck!

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