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These Are The New Social Media Commandments, According To Oxford University


Is it OK to text your boss to say you’re taking a day off from work? Should you add your boss as a friend on Facebook? And what should you *really* put on your Facebook wall?

BT Mobile and Oxford University have teamed up to create a list of 17 social media commandments after studying the behavior of 2,000 adults.

Their suggestions? Private messaging should be saved for friends onlynever try to send to a random stranger. You should never hide what you're looking for online from your partner, and best to avoid oversharing on Facebook (so sorry if you’re heartbroken, but we don’t want to hear it).

BT and Oxford also suggest to use social media networks the right way: LinkedIn is a professional platform, so save your flirty banter for Tinder. Stay away from your phone when you're feeling emotional, which means no texting when you're angry, upset, or drunk. No Facebook posts when you’re buzzed either. In fact, no Internet at all when you’ve had a few shots!


Kisses are a huge no-no at the end of work emails, and don't even think about gossiping about people via text or social media. If you need the day off, you should talk to your boss, not rely on a text (unless it's an emergency!). P.S. Bad news should also never be relayed through text.

“By nature, humans are social animals,” explained psychologist Dr Peter Collett. “Given that so much of our enjoyment is linked to other people, it’s hardly surprising that we invest so much time and effort into keeping in touch with friends and acquaintances. New digital communications have made it even easier for us to express our true nature, and the research uncovers some really interesting new trends of the cyber friendship.”

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