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These Pinays Share How They Chased Their Career Goals During Challenging Times

You don't have to put your professional life on hold.

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Several challenges can get in the way of your career trajectory— circumstances beyond your control may mean you'll need to reevaluate your job situation and change directions if necessary. It’s not the easiest thing to do, especially if you don’t have a safety net.

If you’re in the middle of this situation and are confused about what to do, we spoke to three women who have been in the same shoes. They shared with us how they got through times of uncertainty with the help of Accenture in the Philippines.

“If we are clear of where we find meaning in what we do, that should spark inspiration and enough confidence in us to take the leap.”

For Jenny, 48, retiring from her previous company where she had been working for eight years is a solid plan. She liked her job as vice president and head of the company’s corporate university because of its positive impact on other people’s lives. But her company experienced some insurmountable challenges, prompting her to look for other opportunities to move her career forward.

Jenny recalls receiving calls from headhunters from various companies, but she could not find a good fit. “I am less particular [about] the rank or position, [because I’m more into] the scope of work and company culture,” she explains. “I have always seen my work as a vocation, a way to live my purpose in life. And so, I guess my main struggle was choosing which company whose culture and values I resonate with.” Until she found the right role at Accenture. So, from leading a corporate university, Jenny now works as the Country Talent Strategy Lead at Accenture in the Philippines. A different role from her previous one, but she still gets to touch people’s lives by helping them grow.

Jenny, Talent Strategy Lead, Accenture in the Philippines

As with any transition, Jenny was ready for the challenges of a new job in this new normal. “Working with remote teams you have never met in person and navigating a company that you’ve never physically seen make assimilation much harder.” But being part of a company such as Accenture, which, like her, puts people front and center, was more than enough for her. “I have always believed that our own passion coupled with faith opens up new paths for us to take,” she quips. “So, if we are clear of where we find meaning in what we do, that should spark inspiration and enough confidence in us to take the leap.”

“Sometimes, what we see and experience out there [are what] makes us realize the best path to take.”

Laargie, 28, was a trainee of a line production team at a Japanese company that develops car navigation and audio products. Her job entailed standing for eight hours every day, sometimes even more. While she learned a lot, her work took a toll on her health.

Laargie, Japanese Bilingual Analyst, Accenture in the Philippines

After calling it quits, Laargie left Japan and came back to the Philippines in December 2019. After two months, she left for the United States to visit her family where she resided for six months until she decided to come back home again. Laargie didn’t have a stable job for around eight months during the lockdown, and it was a turning point for her to finally look for one—thinking long-term this time. "When I was [looking for a job], I also had to prepare for my upcoming wedding." Juggling these two important tasks was challenging enough, not to mention the difficulty in moving around the city given the many restrictions brought about by the pandemic.

Thanks to a friend’s nudge, Laargie found herself applying for a job at Accenture. “At first, I was hesitant, but the well-organized recruitment process impressed me.” Her previous stint as a member of a line production team was far off from the Japanese bilingual analyst role, but Laargie gave it a shot and bagged the job. “It’s natural to feel incompetent when you are unfamiliar with things. I overanalyzed whether or not this new career was really for me. But Laargie also realized she needed to get out of her comfort zone to discover new skills. She is grateful for the various learning and training opportunities that eased her into her new role. “Sometimes, what we see and experience out there [are what] make us realize the best path to take”, she explains.

“I wasn't ready to go all out in job hunting, but the opportunity at Accenture came at the right time when I was experiencing difficulties in the office.”

When your current role does not inspire or motivate, moving on to take on new opportunities may just be the best path forward. It may not be the easiest thing to do, but one should know when to finally do it. Ariane, 33, held the position of a Quality Management Officer at her previous company, which ultimately helped advance her leadership and management skills. But the company’s financial troubles reduced her workload—and salary. “It is important to me that I am able to look after and provide for my family. I was not too keen on looking for a new job, but the opportunity at Accenture came at the right time as I was re-evaluating my priorities.”

Ariane, Associate Manager, Accenture in the Philippines

Ariane first joined Accenture as a software engineer in 2009. Not long after joining the company, she got assigned to another location. The daily five- to six-hour commute to and from where she lives south of Metro Manila became challenging and was just unsustainable. “Since I left in 2013, I have always thought of coming back, though I didn't know when." And return she did in May 2021. "A lot of things [have] changed, most especially in the areas of technology and how the company fosters diversity and taking care of its people. Accenture has lived the core values more vividly.” Besides, she doesn’t need to worry about the long commute because of the current work-from-home arrangement. “It has become the norm at Accenture, and they’re making sure they have programs in place to care for the emotional and mental health of their people.”

“I perform better [in this setup] because I see my kids grow as my husband and I are working to provide for their needs. I also get to have time doing some of my hobbies.” On her advice to everyone who similarly finds themselves at such a crossroad, Ariane says, “Know when to look out for better opportunities and stable companies. Continue improving your skills and expertise while setting boundaries in the new normal.”

Treading a path that’s different from what you’re used to demands so much, especially amid uncertainty. It’s a tough process, but the success stories of these career shifters prove that change is sometimes necessary and leads to better outcomes—especially if you find a good fit with a company like Accenture.

For those who are interested to explore diverse career opportunities, visit the Accenture Philippines website.

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