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WATCH: This Ad Agency CEO Shares How Farming Helps Him Create Award-Winning Campaigns

The fast life can be exhausting and overwhelming, especially if you work in an industry where you constantly need to be creative. Take for example, the case of Third Domingo. He is the CEO of his own advertising agency. When he is not creating campaigns from brands, he goes to the province to tend his farm. He told Summit OG in an exclusive interview, "Yung farming kasi, believe it or not, it's relaxing. It's a different kind of respite from the hustle and bustle of advertising."

The world of marketing and advertising can be very competitive and draining. Third knows that well. "Usually, that sort of thing takes a lot from you. It can sap your energy if you're not careful. You have to find ways to somehow replenish your energy," he advised. Luckily, he found that farming is one of the best ways to do just that.

Although there is a stark contrast between farming and advertising, the two provide the right work-life balance for Third. "Sa advertising, kahit gabi na, hindi mo mapipigilan ang sarili mo na mag-isip ng mga konseptoSa farming, alam mo kung kailan ka magsisimula at kung kailan ka magtatapos, which is a discipline that is somehow very hard to learn when you work in advertising," he explained.

According to Third, "When you're in the city, when you're working, when you have a career, sometimes you only take it day by day. Farming forces you to think kind of long-term. You learn to plan because you have to work with nature." Third also mentioned that farming means working with forces you cannot control. "It allows you to have a more complete perspective," he pointed out.

pinoy farmer and ad agency ceo

The young CEO gets asked where he finds the energy to pursue farming despite the demands of his job in advertising. He answered, "May energy na nalilikha ng movement. Habang gumagalaw ka, habang kumikilos ka, habang nagsisikap ka, lalo kang nabibigyan ng energy."

Relaxing isn't just doing nothing or spending time in silence. For Third, doing something can also be a form of relaxation. "I think you actually need to do some active form of stress," he said.

At the same time, Third takes farming as another form of adventure. He recalls that the most exciting times of his life were the moments his parents would take him to the province to help in the farm. Being able to touch, smell, and hear nature replenishes his energy, which in turn helps him create campaigns and strategies that would benefit the brands he handles and the clients he works with.

Sometimes, it's the simplest things that have the *most* impact.

Watch the video below and get to know more about Third Domingo, a farmer and ad agency CEO.

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