What A Fresh Graduate Resume Should Not Contain

Like a selfie.

Fresh out of college, one of the things that you need to learn is how to write your resumé to kickstart your quest to find your first job. Aside from knowing what to include in your resume, you should also be aware of what NOT to put there.

Here are the major culprits that would make your resumé less professional:

An unprofessional looking email address.
You may have an attachment to the email address babyangel25, especially if you believe that is an expression of your personality. But this won’t fly in a formal document such as your resume. If you do not have one yet, create an email address with just your name (first name and/or last name).

Your resume is more than one page.
The standard number of pages for the resumé of a fresh graduate amounts to a grand total of one. This is because college graduates applying for entry level jobs don’t usually have enough relevant work experience to justify more than that. Unless you have worked while studying, did internships, AND have extracurricular activities which are all related to the job you are applying for, it is best to have all of your information fit into one page.

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High school information and other “filler” details.
Your resumé is not a college application, so why should you include all your high school achievements and activities in it? If you list down your clubs, sports teams, and other extra-curricular activities in high school, it would seem to the one reading your resumé that you are just filling up space, which would indicate that you haven’t done much during your college years. The only high school information in your resumé should be the school you graduated, honors received if any, and awards but only if in the national or international level.

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A selfie
Yes, you look really appealing in that selfie, but this is your resumé you are making, not your online dating profile. 


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