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All The Things I've Been Eyeing On Lazada For My Small Condo

They're mostly things that'll help me maximize my modest space.
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I promised myself 2019 would be the year I make my condo feel more like me. So I've been slowly channeling my inner Marie Kondo and letting go of the things I haven't used in months. In general, I'm not a materialistic person. I don't go shopping every weekend, only when I really need to. Actually, I'm the girl who finds one pair of jeans she loves and buys two pairs in the same style "just in case they stop selling them." But my entire wardrobe can fit in a giant suitcase. 

Still, living in a condo that's only 20 square meters can be challenging. I have to be strategic about where things go. On the other hand, I also noticed that a lot of my essentials have been falling apart, and I've just been too busy (lazy) to replace them. So here are a few of the things I've been eyeing on Lazada. To be clear, I don't plan on buying them all at once; it's not financially feasible for me to do that. Consider this my 2019 wish list instead. ;)

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  1. Rattan Laundry Basket 
    My condo is too small for a washer-dryer combo, so I do my laundry at the mini mall attached to my tower. This means I have to drag my clothes there, which has been a struggle since I've been using a torn up laundry bag for years.  
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    Price: P1,023; Shop here
  2. Bathroom Storage Shelf Rack With Hooks
    Right now, my bath products are all in one corner of my shower area. It's not exactly hard to bend over and use them, but I'd love for my bath products to not be on the floor. Even if they don't take up too much space, it looks messy. 
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    Price: P1,034; Shop here
  3. Under Cabinet Door Rack Hanger 
    When I moved in a few years ago, I already installed kitchen shelves, but above the sink, there's actually a lot of area with so much potential, lol. I'd love to try this out. 

    Price: P1,105; Shop here
  4. Kitchen Rack 
    Technically, I don't need this, but it'll just make my tiny kitchen look more organized and easier to clean. Plus, it'll clear up some space in my already too tiny kitchen area. 
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    Price: P399; Shop here
  5. Iron Wall Hook Hanger
    There are two cabinets below my sink filled with containers, so my cooking utensils are just mixed in there. They're kind of hard to reach because they're pushed back by everything I store down there. 

    Price: P471; Shop here
  6. Magnetic Kitchen Rack
    I have an unnecessarily GIGANTIC refrigerator that's sucking up so much electricity, ugh. But I can't get rid of it, because I didn't buy it (my parents did). So I want to use the side to hang my grocery bags. 
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    Price: P839; Shop here
  7. Bonus: Caribbean Glass Kettle
    My current electric kettle electrocutes me when I use it, and it's such a hassle to clean. I've been looking for a new one, and I'm still unsure about this particular purchase, but it's definitely a contender. 

    Price: P850; Shop here

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