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Fight Procrastination And Get Yourself To Do Anything!

Because why shouldn't you get things done?

All of us pretty much have a goal, no matter how inconsequential it might seem to us. But not all of us are so goal-oriented we achieve it or follow through with the things we need to do to get to wherever we want to be. So here are ways that will motivate you to get moving:

1. Be positive.

Emotions have a lot to do with how productive we are. If our heart's not in something, then we'd have a hard time getting ourselves along or we'd just procrastinate. It's true that sometimes our goals are pretty big that they can intimidate us to the point that we just want to give up; we think there's no way we can get there. But if we're optimistic, we'll feel strong and actually take action. You'd be surprised to know that military recruits are trained to be mentally tough through optimism. How else do you think can they push themselves to go the distance in spite their exhaustion, the excruciating pain, and the other odds?

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2. Take note of your progress.

Seeing how far you've come and how your efforts have resulted in something is the best motivator. Focus on that rather than on the setbacks, since those have the tendency to plunge you into despair and make you counterproductive.

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3. Reward yourself.

Apparently, rewards are responsible for 75 percent of why we do things. We're motivated by what we think we'll get from accomplishing something. So don't hesitate to treat yourself when you've progressed. If you don't want to reward yourself, a commitment device you can do is to give a close friend or family member 500 bucks. If you don't get things done by 5 p.m., they keep the money. But if you get the task done, you get your money back. Talk about motivation!

4. Surround yourself with goal-oriented people.

The energy flowing around you guys will influence you to keep going. You'll also feel the pressure when they've already progressed by leaps and you haven't yet. Their optimism and faith in you will make you believe in yourself and keep you on the grind.

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Source: Time

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