24 Signs Your Breakfast Obsession Is Out Of Control

It's the most important meal of your day (and life).

1. You frequently eat breakfast food past 11 a.m. Cereal is the best snack on the planet and what exactly is wrong with a bit of egg and bacon for dinner?

2. Because your breakfast love is all-consuming. Pancakes, bacon, fruit, cereal...All amazing.

3. You sometimes go to bed early just so breakfast comes sooner. It's like Christmas Eve. Every day.

4. Sometimes the anxiety of deciding what to have for breakfast is too much. There's such a thing as TOO many choices.

5. But then you know you can have breakfast for lunch and dinner too, so that helps.

6. People that don't "get" the concept of breakfast for dinner upset you. We can't be friends. Just go.

7. The cereal aisle is like Disney to you. It's a magical place.

8. You feel like toast isn't given nearly enough credit in life. It's pretty the most versatile breakfast food on the planet.

9. You understand that a three-course meal can easily be made out of breakfast foods alonepastries to start, then eggs benedict as an entrée, and waffles with maple syrup for dessert. DONE.

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10. You were beyond excited when you heard there was going to be a podcast about cereal. Then it turned out it was spelled "Serial" and was actually about murder.

11. You have a ridiculous board of Pinterest breakfast inspiration. The possibilities are endless.

12. You genuinely feel like there's no problem in life a stack of French toast can't solve. Mmmmm.

13. You find staying at other people's houses stressful because you don't know what the options will be. Is it weird to bring my own preferred brand of butter in some tupperware?

14. But people love staying at yours, because your breakfast game is oh, so strong.

15. You routinely check the #breakfast and #brunch hashtags on Instagram.

16. Items like this make your heart beat faster.

17. You have a serious avocado problem. Perfecting the test for ideal ripeness is a talent you have got down to a T.

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(via Handimania.com)

18. You've considered breaking up with someone who couldn't butter toast all the way to the corners. How hard is it? Really?

19. You feel like the luckiest person in the world when you arrive at McDonald's and manage to buy the last sausage mcmuffin meal with hashbrowns before the breakfast menu closes for the day. #blessed

20. Most of your favorite food memories from your childhood are breakfast-related. Dipping toast into condensed milk was THE BEST.

21. Breakfast buffets are a dream come true. You will literally eat until you can't even look at another strip of bacon.

22. For that reason, the best part of ANY vacation is the hotel breakfast. Waking up on that first day and seeing what delights await is like Christmas.

23. This meme is VERY real for you.

24. You jump for joy when you're out with a guy at a restaurant and you hear those three special words: "All-Day Breakfast."

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This article originally appeared on Cosmopolitan.com. Minor edits have been made by the Cosmo.ph editors.

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