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7 Struggles Only Girls Who Love Beer Will Understand


1. Managing your beer belly.

Your gut. Your puson. That annoying part that’s not quite fat but just sort of flabby. Why does beer have to be oh so good?!

2. Dealing with morning hangovers.

JUST. CAN’T. ADULT. TODAY. Trust, an Advil, a big breakfast, and a hot mug of coffee are your best friends!

3. Your burps almost always smell like alcohol.

That’s why you always carry mints in your purse.

4. Being judged for pairing beer with your meals. 

Hey, it’s good with pizza, burgers, fish and chips, and well, just about everything else on the menu. Just as long as you aren’t having it for breakfast, CG.

5. Doing shots makes you queasy.

Can’t we just chug down beers instead?

6. You’re already on your third drink while your friends are still nursing their cocktails.

Don’t worry! You’re not an alcoholic. Your friends just suck at keeping up.

7. You always outdrink your date. 

Your dates always get sloshed before you do and you end up having to put them in a cab home before they puke themselves. Or worse, be the one who drops them home like the true lady you are. 

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