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Check Out Krazy Garlik's Crocodile Dishes!

Crocodiles are on the loose, and they are here to bring a different kind of culinary excitement. Check out Krazy Garlik's newest offerings!

Ever wondered how crocodile meat tastes like?

It may not seem like it, but did you know that crocodiles provide the healthiest meat around?
Considered as one of the cleanest source of lean protein, croc meat is also low in cholesterol and has minimal fat content. In fact, crocodile dishes are popular in countries such as Australia, China, and Thailand. 

Here in the Philippines, crocodile dishes, although not new to our ears, are quite rare.  If you want to try them out, head to Krazy Garlik and sample its croc dishes made from farm-raised crocodiles.

You can choose from four options:

Tempting Pasta (P425) gives you an unexpected rendition of boring old pasta with its creamy sauce balanced out by lean crocodile meat.

If you’re digging ribs and steaks, sink your teeth into the wildest ribs around with the sweet and tangy Rappin’ Ribs (P695) sans the guilt.

A few years ago, many would consider sisig exotic. But since then, it has become the go-to barkada dish for Pinoys. Krazy Garlik is bringing the "exotic" back to this sizzling favorite with its Rockin’ Sisig (P375).

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And for a dining place that prides itself with the most garlicky dishes, Salpicao should never be out of the list. Try the Krok Salpicao for P435.

Let us know how your gastronomic adventure goes by commenting below!

For more information, visit Krazy Garlik's Facebook page and follow @KrazyGarlikPh on Twitter and Instagram.

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