Cookie Butter Crazy! Where to Buy, Eat, (and Hoard) Speculoos Cookie Butter

Manila's got cookie butter fever! Here's where you can get your CB fix.

Watch out, Nutella—you’ve got some stiff competition.

A few months ago, Instagram exploded with photos of jars filled with a gooey peanut butter-like spread called Speculoos Cookie Butter. Piqued by this mysterious newcomer, many flocked to the nearest grocery stores to try it out. Unfortunately, it wasn’t available locally.

So where were all these pictures coming from? Cookie Butter is exclusively distributed by Trader Joe’s, a specialty retail store in the USA. The lucky few who managed to get their hands on these green- or red-labeled jars (original and crunchy variants) early on probably bought them in the States or had them sent by relatives abroad.

With the growing demand, people with access to Cookie Butter started stocking up and reselling it here in the Philippines for P450 (a steep jump from the original P160 from the US) via online stores and Facebook. It is also available in Blue Kitchen, but it's constantly out of stock because it gets wiped out as soon as a new batch arrives. The demand is so high that even Trader Joe’s had to limit the number of jars sold every day!

But fret not; you can still enjoy Cookie Butter without having to buy your own jar. Local food retailers like Pancake House and GoNuts Donuts have joined the bandwagon and have added Speculoos Cookie Butter-fied selections to their menus to cater to the Filipinos’ cookie butter obsession.

Browse through the gallery to see some of our favorites!

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