20 Of The Best (And Prettiest) Bars In Manila

From chill to wild and everything in between.
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We all need a drink once in a while! And although there are tons of bars and lounges around Metro Manila, not all of them offer a combination of quality drinks, exquisite interiors, and the right vibe for whatever mood you’re in. So, to help you filter out the noise, we’re here to guide you through the best bars in the city.

  1. Alamat Filipino Pub & Deli

    This all-Filipino pub serves gourmet pulutan and local craft beer. And yes, there are tons of options! From light and fruity brews to full-bodied stouts, this is a beer lover’s paradise. Plus, you can taste every single beer they have on tap before committing to a pint. Even customers who prefer cocktails will enjoy the bar’s Pinoy take on classic drinks. The Calamansi Mojito is a crowd favorite.

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  2. Mandalay Bar

    Visitors literally have to walk into a closet to find the entrance to this speakeasy. Accessible through Belle & Dragon in Legaspi Village, this bar transports you to a world of British colonial opulence. Amid its quilted leather furniture, cigar rooms, and decorative homages to eastern religions, you can enjoy the bar’s vast selection of high quality whiskeys and fusion cuisine.

  3. Lan Kwai Speakeasy

    Get a taste of Hong Kong’s hippest party destination, right in Katipunan. It boasts unique drinks, great music, amazing food, and a laid back vibe. Its eclectic interiors are perfect for an impromptu photoshoot. And, as if the place weren’t perfect enough, the prices are affordable.

  4. Mathilde

    For those who enjoy a bar with comfortable seats, and an easygoing house party vibe, look no further than Mathilde in Poblacion. Laid out like a refined bohemian’s homewith couches, lots of mingling room, and a DJ setupthis bar is for those who enjoy low-key hangs with close friends.

  5. Dragon Bar

    If you want a taste of the high-roller lifestyle, check out Dragon Bar in Solaire. The describes its vibe as “serenity in luxury”and they’re not wrong. The crystal dragon centerpiece overlooking the relatively quiet space is an indulgent spot for a drink in more ways than one.

  6. Yes Please

    This bar is straight out of a 90s movie. With its throwback tunes, foosball table, and purposely arranged tables so that you can actually meet new people instead of staring at your phone all nightYes Please is a far cry from its neighboring Valkyrie and Pool Club. And on top of that, this place is serious about their drinks. Named after popular 90s icons, including Devon Sawa, Mighty Mouse, and Tommy Leerange from sweet to bitter. For a refreshing summer drink, try the Girl Scout Colada.

  7. Antidote

    Located in I’M Hotel, Antidote is known as the “jellyfish bar” because of its stunning display of sea life pulsing through the built-in aquariums. It’s not the only arresting view though. The bar has a 360-degree view of Makati from its perch on the roof of one of the coolest new hotels in the neighborhood. Try the Ananas in Pandanus, a rum-based drink with hints of pineapple, pandan, and lime.

  8. Straight Up

    Another hotel bar worth visiting is Straight Up in BGC’s Seda Hotel. It has all the classic drinks, decent bar chow, and sleek furnishings. But the show-stopping feature is its view of the sunset. Open from 4:00 p.m. onwards, this is a great spot to grab a happy hour drink and wind down after a long work day.

  9. Las Flores

    Las Flores has two branches—the original in BGC, and its newest addition in Podium Mall. And they’re both great! They are known for their high quality Spanish tapas, which means you should definitely order a snack or two. However, their drinks are just as worthy of celebration. Everything from their classic drinks to their signature cocktails are made with love. So be sure to try the aptly named Mi Amore. Its combination of strawberries, passionfruit, and banana liqueur will leave you smitten.

  10. ABV

    ABV is not just another speakeasy. While it’s definitely cool that you have to enter an antique elevator shaft behind a hotdog shop to enter the bar, the novelty does wear off. And yet, customers often fall in love after their first visit, and repeatedly return. It could be their great service, Gatsby vibes, or mind-blowing food. But more than likely, it’s their masterfully crafted drinks that keep bringing people back. Specializing in forgotten classics like no one else in Metro Manila, ABV is the perfect place for anyone with a discerning palate.

  11. Bank Bar

    Although you have to pass through a convenience store pantry to get in, Bank Bar is super classy once inside. It offers a huge bar, luxe interiors, unique cocktails. Grab a drink here before a night of partying, or stay and enjoy their eclectic food selection. Beware though, at a certain point in the evening, the music here gets pretty loud and it becomes hard to have a conversation.

  12. Sugar Factory

    The bar describes itself as a “clubbed-up version of Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory.” After hours, this kid-friendly establishment turns into an all-out bar. With the lights turned low, and the music turned up, adults can guiltlessly enjoy the comically huge smoking goblets filled with candy and booze. It’s crazy, it’s fun, and it’s a must-try bar in BGC!

  13. The Hotel Bar at Pink’s

    This is the second time on this list that we’ve recommended a speakeasy accessible through a hot dog shop—but stay with us. Hotel Bar makes the list because it is a lot more intimate and affordable than many other speakeasies in the city. Plus, the skilled bartenders can make you literally anything you can think of. And with chili dogs and ice cream just a few feet away, could you ask for anything else?

  14. The Bowery

    The Bowery is the perfect hangout. Whether you just want to grab a couple beers without getting dressed, or if you wanna throw on your sexiest dress and dancethis classy but unpretentious joint is like the cool kid that hangs out with everyone. Its menu reflects the bar’s inclusiveness, offering a clean and refreshing Cucumber Smash, a rich and creamy Cherry Nog Nog, and the very punk rock Pickleback. And those are just the drinks. The food is equally unique, and most importantly, delicious.

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  15. A’Toda Madre

    True tequila lovers will enjoy A’Toda Madre’s wide selection of shots and cocktails. Made from a single variety of agave in a specific part of Mexico, the 100+ varieties of tequila at this bar are all authentically produced. So, your experience in this vibrant little bar is actually world class. Be sure to hydrate well and order some tacos to avoid a vicious hangover.

  16. Hooch

    Looking for a chill bar to enjoy on a weeknight? Hooch in Salcedo Village is a comfortable location, in a quiet neighborhood, with a relaxed crowd. They serve good food and drinks too (try the Angel Juice!). But what makes this place really special is the live acoustic sets by artists like Graceson, who are usually on every Thursday night.

  17. Vu’s Sky Bar

    Located on the 45th floor of Marco Polo in Ortigas Center, Vu’s Sky Bar invites hotel guests and the public to enjoy their Mediterranean-style tapas and signature drinks in their relaxing indoor or alfresco seating areas. Open from 5 p.m. to 2 a.m., it’s a great place to enjoy happy hour, and it also makes for a fun pit stop at the end of a night out.

  18. Blackbird at the Nielson Tower

    For those in search of the most romantic bar in Metro Manila, Blackbird might be just what you’re looking for. Located in a refurbished air traffic control tower, the bar is flooded with natural light in the day time, and makes for a uniquely intimate setting at night. It’s no surprise that many grooms-to-be propose here. Still, single people, families, and groups of friends can enjoy this gorgeous location too. Blackbird’s bar and lounge offers some awesome cocktails, but their wine list is also worth checking out!

  19. Polilya

    The chandelier made of bottles hanging over the bar counter fits right into the stylish but fun vibe of Polilya. The comfortable couches are tempting enough to take a nap on. And the tropical decor can’t help but put you at ease. Still, there’s something edgy about this place. Behind the bar, a neon purple light forces drinkers into an existential exploration: “Have you figured out what you want yet?” The question could send some into crisis. But if what you’re looking for is crisp craft beer or ice blended cocktailsthen the answer is a simple and resounding “Yes!”

  20. Revel at The Palace

    The drinks here aren’t mindblowing. But if you’re looking for a night of dancing, meeting new people, and getting your photo taken—this spot is for you. It’s especially vibrant after midnight. So, grab a bite and some drinks elsewhere before coming here to party later on in the night.

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