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Bookmark These Food Options For Your Future Wedding If You Want Your Guests Happy And Busog

And they're all available at The Blue Leaf!
PHOTO: The Blue Leaf

Now that I'm at that age where every person I went to school with is getting married left and right, I can't help but notice the clues people inadvertently leave on social. One bride has been posting about all the flower shops she's visited, so I'm expecting her reception to be a floral paradise. Another has been focused on making sure her entourage's dresses are flawless, so I'm excited to see them float down the aisle in gorgeous, matching outfits. 

Apart from the ~kilig~ moments between the bride and groom, one thing I always look forward to at weddings is the menu! I am sucker for catered food. If good food is equally important to you on your wedding day and you want your guests to leave the even happy and busog, then we feel an obligation to tell you about The Blue Leaf's newest collaboration. 

In partnership with Our Awesome Planet, they've launched a collaboration between Manila's most esteemed chefs and The Blue Leaf's partner caterers to bring you 11 exclusive menus.

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Cosmopolitan and other media got the chance to taste all of their wonderful creations at the Who's Cooking? event held on July 27, 2019 at The Blue Leaf Filipinas! Here's a glimpse of all the food we got to taste (and everything you should seriously be considering if you're planning your wedding this year). 

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Chef Mikel Zaguirre x Albergus

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Favorite: Sous-Vide Short Rib Green Curry served on fresh coconut shell with eggplant caviar

Chef Ed Bugia x Bizu

Favorite: Lobster Eclair with truffle aioli 

Lechon Diva x Center Table

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Favorite: Lechon Flambe stuffed with rosemary and herbs

Chef Robby Goco x Creamery

Favorite: Mini Wagyu Beef Kebabs with Greek Pita bread, yogurt sauce, red sauce, red onion and parsley

Chef Josh Boutwood x Hizon's

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Favorite: Sous-vide Beef Cheeks with parmesan mashed potatoes

Chef Tatung Sarthou x Juan Carlo

Favorite: A Bull of Its Horn, a slow-roasted Batangas beef in Barako demi-glace and calamansi mostarda

Chef Niño Laus x K by Cunanan

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Favorite: PUGITA, kulma, cauliflower puree, pumpkin bagoong, mais & Vigan longganisa salsa

Chef Chele Gonzalez x Mesclun

Favorite: Burnt Basque Cheesecake, raspberry gelato, matcha meringue, white chocolate and almond slivers

Chef Natalia Moran x Passion Cooks

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Favorite: Arabica-rubbed Roast Beef with Fried Kamote and Truffle Mash

Chef Kalel Chan x Red Chef

Favorite: Balut Chawan Mushi with Uni and Ikura

Chef Francis Lim x Tjioe

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Favorite: Pork Belly Patatim, Fried Mantou Sliders, Pickled Radish, Pickled Cucumber

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