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Boba Beer Exists, And It Might Just Be Your New Favorite Drink

Yeah, WITH pearls.
PHOTO: Instagram/thebeerfactory

We've all had bad days—you know the kind I'm talking about. Things don't make much sense, nothing is going right, and it feels like everybody is determined to annoy the shit out of you. 

And we all deal with it differently: Some people treat themselves to Japanese food, while others release all their anger at the gym (I would like to be one of these people...someday).

But there are also those who want something much simpler: a glass of cold beer. 

The Beer Factory is ready to give you that and more with their Boba Beer Series

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They offer four mouthwatering flavors: 

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Satisfy your cravings at The Beer Factory (Eton Centris or Greenfield). 

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