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Erwan Heussaff Makes One Of Anne Curtis' Major Pregnancy Cravings (And Now We Want Some, Too)

Anne joins Erwan in a cooking video for his YouTube channel for the first time.
PHOTO: youtube/erwan heussaff

For the first time ever, Anne Curtis joins hubby Erwan Heussaff in one of his cooking videos, and we couldn't click fast enough. Erwan joked, "I've asked her a lot of times and she always said she's too busy or she doesn't support what I do, and it makes me feel really bad." Anne was quick to defend herself, "That's not true!" 

In matching aprons, the sweet couple tackled one of Anne's biggest pregnancy cravings: toast—her favorite being avocado toast. 

Apparently, the *key* to a really good toast is excellent sour dough. You want one that was made the day before (not the day of) so it's a kind of crusty. Because you're essentially topping your bread off with a bunch of stuff, you want the base to hold and not get mushy. 

Anne's favorite avocado toast is actually really simple. Erwan melted butter in a pan and added some olive oil and a little garlic to "flavor that fat." The main attraction included mashed avocado mixed with lemon and salt. Sometimes, Anne adds chili flakes (for anyone who needs that extra kick). That's it!

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Keep watching Erwan's video for the other five toast recipes he covers: mushroom, bacon + egg, green peas, kesong puti (this one's a gamechanger) and french onion!

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